August 3, 2016

It's already August!

Hello my loved ones!

This week was good. We started the week by helping a Sister Hartley in
the ward pack her things for Baltimore. She's awesome. She moved here
right when she got married and has totally started her own dance
business called Cove so she took us to get bagels and we did what we
could. We did weekly planning. Later that night we met with our
bishop, Bishop Arnett. He is very awesome. We got a spread sheet made
for our entire ward so we can load all information on it. We asked him
who we can focus and help in the ward. Friday we did a board in front
of the church and taught Bill who was tuning the piano's in the
building. We also handed out a good amount of Book of Mormons! We spent
time on the pier and walked up the Hudson River Park, which was really
awesome. Jennifer took us to pizza at J's. Love her. Saturday came and
we had service scheduled in. We felt good about going because so many
different people are at This church of the Village on weekends. When
we got there we met Andrea.  Andrea has such a glow about her and I
felt it from the start as we talked about her kids. Lots of light in
her eyes and I just thought she was a good Christian mom, wanting to
help!  The three of us talked as we helped in the kitchen. The Kitchen
was SO HOTT might I add.. Andrea asked us all sorts of questions about
ourselves and beliefs.  She said she is a new Christian! Andrea shared
with us that she was in prison.  She never prayed and was at her
lowest and she found Jesus.  The service was so good and I talked to
one other man Sele and got his info. Andrea gave us her Facebook
before we left and we found out she was very known in Scarsdale for
being a "pot mom." Sister Heiner and I were stunned. I immediately
thought, how cool it was that I felt her glow. I would have never
known and I'm sure she feels guilt/pain/humiliation, but Andrea had a
turning point with her Savior. Jesus Christ forgives Andrea. I don't
know the full extent of her change and forgiveness, but I felt so
strengthened that someone like her was not destroyed, but chose to
serve and do good. Why did we meet Andrea? Idk, but we taught her a
lot of restored truth and we got to see firsthand the love of Christ
and someone who's heart was touched by the atonement. We all have the
light of Christ.

That was long! Then Saturday and Sunday came and they were so good.
Sacrament meeting was really great. We taught a sharing time lesson in
Primary about missionary work! LOL primary is the place to be.
We had Coordination with brother Leal. He'll be gone all month, sad!
The Elders have a baptismal date, which were excited about! We have no
consistent people we are teaching as of now. PLEASE pray for Lucinda

Monday we had a zone meeting because of new information for our
mission. The work is hastening! The whole meeting was focused on Our
Purpose & facebook!!
Boy, have missions changed and will continue with technology. I can't
imagine serving a mission with out technology and I can't imagine
being effective in Manhattan without it. It really is to help us & to
be used for so much good. It can be used for so much more good than it
can bad as long as we are using the safeguards, which I seriously plan
to read and use through out my life. I'm so grateful for them
And I know that the Lord knows what he is doing.  We are a stronger
generation and CAN resist Satan. The spirit is my most favorite
companion and I hope I
will live in a way to always have it with me.

My favorite quote in preach my gospel is, "Enjoying the gifts of the
Spirit should be your most earnest desires." That is my favorite
because it has indeed become my desire above all to enjoy it forever
more and have it so I can grow in beautiful ways!

I love this gospel. I know it's true. I have Faith in Christ & in his
perfect plan.
There is peace in giving him our worries & insecurities & our broken
hearts. I feel that each time I feel I can't do it anymore. Because I
do feel broken at time.  I really am grateful for each of you.  I have
not gone a day without realizing how lucky I am, even when things are

Make it a great week!

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