August 31, 2016

The Temple is Everything

Wow. What an incredible week I will try to explain it in words. So we
were asked to share with the youth of our ward some topics about
missionaries work. There were about 7 young men and woman and the
leaders. I shared my thoughts on the blessings that come from serving
a mission for the people we teach and myself. It didn't take me long
to think about all the blessings I feel from my time as a missionary.
The blessings keep coming and I feel them so strongly in my heart. I
can't explain it.  I can't explain the feelings I've had this past
week.  They make it all worth it.  We decided that was way better for
us than it probably was for them.

So, I can hardly wait to tell you about my week!! The Lanier family
got sealed in the temple Saturday. sister Hislop and I drove down to
Scarsdale in the morning and from there we drove with Sister smith and
others to the city. Sister Gardner and her parents were there and
others that I loved so much in Westchester 1st.  If nothing else, I
saw the Lanier family become an eternal family and it was the most
special day on my mission.  How can that not just be the crowning
event?? If nothing else has come from my mission, which everything
has, I got to be a small part of something eternal!  How important was
it for me to be there, to be here in New York when I have been, to
have been apart of that experience.  It was a life altering day for me
, my goals, vision and testimony of the reality that God lives, he
knows us, and His Church, the Church of Jesus Christ has the
priesthood, that power to do sealings and bind families together.  The
Lanier's had so much goodness in their eyes and it's been so cool to
see them progress in the gospel. I love them so much <3 I remember one
year ago I think my second week in the mission at a fhe at the Smith's
Jeffrey prayed his family would be able to go to the temple. I'm so
proud of them for sticking to that goal. After the temple the Bishop
Mortensen and Sister Mortenson drove us home. Sister Mortenson gave us
a little heart to heart about life and all the important things. One
day I hope to have girls like she does;) her words were inspiring to
me and I am a firm believer Heavenly Father places very specific
people in our lives to direct our paths. I'm grateful for such a meek
example in my life.  She is very excited to meet my family:)

A few other experiences this week! We met a woman named Ada who lives
in a trailer park. Her brother is a less active but they don't have
the best relationship, so that's how we found her. Ada is cool and has
a lot of things going on in her life. She had a really sad upbringing
and she has opened up a lot to us. This week she told us she would let
us help her and let Christ in, she just doesn't know how. Ada has two
kids that live with her, 4 snakes, 2 dogs, and some hamsters. We went
over yesterday to help clean her house because child protective
services were coming to inspect her house of bugs. so sister Zelaya
and I were cleaning/vacuuming so Ada would be able to keep her kids. I
felt very fortunate the whole time!!!!
My gosh. I love my parents!!! It was cool because afterwards we taught
the neighborhood kids the restoration.

Something else funny, so we have this less active that lives by us,
Sister Walker. We went over this past week and 2 nephi 31 led to
talking about temples and then about drinking coffee and then to the
word of wisdom and how she is trying to get in shape again... So!! We
have been out walking at 6:30 with Sister Walker for a couples days
now. Hahaha We brought a member out with us to find and we got led
into this older woman's house. She took us by the hands and brought us
into her house. Sister Jasmin was laughing so much at her and the
woman asked her if she was babysitting us. Hahaha so we've been
laughing about that one. This area is so good. It has major potential
everywhere we go. Last night we were with Christina and it looks like
we will be throwing a wedding and baptism in the next two weeks!! My
favorite! 💍
I love my companion so much. She tells me I'm a good one all the time,
but I think she's the good one. I feel very blessed.

I'm grateful for temples! For families! For the opportunities I have
to progress in this life! Please please please decide NOW what your
goal is and do all you can to reach it. I love you guys soooooo much.


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