August 10, 2016

HE is in the Details

This week started off with a visit to a new member in the ward. Her
name is Meg. She is so sweet & sincere. She just was a career
councilor at UVU. Now she is doing the same thing at NYU. We were able
to get to know her more and share a little thought on change and
Finding Joy in the Journey, by President Thomas S. Monson.
Thursday we weekly planned with our NEW planning guidelines. What does
Heavenly Father want to have happen with this person? We had a lesson
with a Ukulsulvakian named Senka O' Conner. She's a nice lady, doesn't
quite understand everything and the language is a barrier, but feels
the spirit.

Friday we did service at God's Love we Deliver in Soho. We saw Oliver
again #googleguy and sat with him for a while afterwards. He's at like
every service thing there is. He thinks we stalk him... Noooo?? Haha
Maybe! We really like Oliver. Trying to get the service award at
Google. We got lost in Soho. Haha not mad.
I LOVE SOHO. One of my favorites. Sister Henier got a macaroon. We did
some Facebook messaging and a board in front of the church for Family
History! We met Cherie who wanted to bring her books down with all her
family history for us to see!! Friday was long. Then! We went to
another members home who just moved here from Queens. Her name is
Suby. I love Suby. She is so kind & loving. We found out that she
served a mission in New Zealand and I know that we helped her remember
her love for her mission & helped her desires grow for good.  She just
told us how much she loved the people. She is recently starting to
come back to church because of work. I was so grateful we spent time
with Suby.
Saturday we went to City Hall Park, the one by the Brooklyn Bridge. I
felt strongly to talk to this girl that was watching two little kids.
She was a nanny & lives in another area (of course) but was so sweet
and grateful we shared our testimonies of The Book of Mormon. We
talked to another guy who's unsure if it is God and Jesus Christ that
we feel in our lives. That made me think, God is in our lives as much
as we want him to be.

Later that night we went to the Andredes. They are a family from
Peru/Spain. Shelia their 8 year old daughter can now be baptized, but
the parents have a really hard time coming to church because of work.
Shelia has a disease that's very bad and her knees are both starting
to swell up. It's so sad and that family is truly going through a
trial of their faith. Shelia said this week that she just needs to
love herself and except her illness. We tell her she's so strong.  I
just hope & pray they will understand the importance of their
baptismal covenants and being together as a family forever.

Sunday we fasted & prayed for the work here in the area, for our
mission goal, and others on our mind. We had a Skype coordination with
Brother Leal. We taught Dakota & Dallas the Plan of Salvation and it
went so well!! I'm really excited about them. I think it was the best
Plan of Salvation lesson I've had. They are such good girls and have
such good questions. We set a time to give them a chapel tour this
week with the young woman's leader. Yay!! Yesterday we got a text from
someone we met on the subway a few weeks ago. Kat, the girl with blue
yoga pants.. Of course, I can't remember her but she said she has been
thinking about our conversation and really wants to meet up with us to
learn more about what we do. So we are meeting with her Saturday!!!

I do know indeed that Heavenly Father is in the very details of our
lives. His hand is out stretched to us.  We just need to grab it, hold
on, not let ourselves drift away from his love. I feel a special
gratitude this week for the closeness that can and will always be our
as we are faithful to him. I do know that when we are one with him, he
will help us in our desire to be unified with the people around us. It
is the simple things in our lives that bring us Closer to Him. I've
learned we have to continually and consistently INVITE Him in. It
can't be a passive thing.
One of my favorite moments in the past week was when Sister Heiner & I felt
down and we sang a hymn. There are so many ways we can invite him in.
yourself and others, how can I/we improve? & BE HUMBLE. Moroni 10:32

We are all here to help each other on this journey! I'm so grateful
for my opportunity to help others. I know it's why we are here, to
serve & love.

I hope everyone has an awesome last couple weeks of summer. I'm loving
the news & exciting things happening with my friends & family. Xo

Sister Vassau

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