December 30, 2015

Happy New Year 2016!

How cool is it that this whole year, twenty- sixteen I will be here in New York serving??

So, that means all my goals and plans can happen, will happen! No excuses!!! I have the Lord on my side. I know what's important to me is also important to God. What I sacrifice now will come as an expression to my Heavenly Father that I need his help with my goals. I have found that mastering goals is no easy task, but I also know that without them we could not become who our Heavenly Father knows we can be-- our fullest potential!! 
I know God has a plan (Moses 1:39) so we should have a plan too. 

Some of my goals: I want to gain as much knowledge as I can. 
I also want to strengthen my Faith in Christ daily and have my own experiences with Him! 

Christmas was really awesome. Thank you thank you for every little letter that came to me in the mail and all the packages from family, ward family and friends! So greatly appreciated!! They all filled my Christmas here with a little more joy. Skyping you guys was amazing! I loved that so much. The rest of my Christmas was great.

A couple things that happened this week...

We went to a funeral with an investigator named Briant at a Baptist church. Briant was found by the sisters and said if missionaries ever came knocking on his door he would get baptized. He is this huge man that is a family man with the most tender heart. Ah! I saw this big heart while talking with him at the funeral. He is a bouncer who kicks people out of bars and he told us if someone ever messes with us he will be there.  He is ready to make changes in his life starting with church at 11:00. He is so cool!!

One other thing I want to share, because it was one of the coolest things that has happened. We had made our goals this morning to find & pray for a prepared family.  Also, we have been getting an over flow of media referrals to contact here. They should be contacted within 24 hours, but many times don't have an apt. #. We traveled to contact this one and once we arrived there was no number. We looked at this big building and said we might as well try to find her.. Haha Show Our faith!? We were just laughing going up and pushed the level we felt and we said a prayer. We found this boy who wasn't interested but we asked him who he knows that would be. He pointed us to the 6th floor and that is where we found our family. A family of 7 and they are beautiful people!! I will definitely keep you updated on them. There was such a good feeling, then we asked her if she knew Mayra and she did!!!! Hahahaha we found Mayra's mom. 
Heavenly Father loves his children so much!

Happy New Year! We will be in by 7:00pm  because things could get a little crazy in the streets of Harlem. We'll be safe! Love you all! 

Love, Sister Vassau

December 25, 2015

Peace is Born

Christmas in Harlem, Yay! 

Christmas time here has been wonderful, so special! I will always remember this one. It could be my favorite one looking back. I am finding loads of joy from Christ-like service. I feel if Christ were here he would be doing similar things I am able to do, which reminds me of this quote we were given this week..... "YOU ARE THE SAVIOR'S HANDS" by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
"When I think of the Savior, I often picture Him with hands outstretched, reaching out to comfort, heal, bless, and love. He loved the humble and the meek and walked among them, ministering to them and offering hope and salvation. This is what He would be doing if he were living among us today. It is what we should be doing as His disciples and members of The Chirch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  

As we extend our hands and hearts toward others in Christlike love, something wonderful happens to us. Our own spirit grows stronger. We become happier, more peaceful, and more open to the whispering a of the Holy Spirit."  

Walking with the many humble and meek! I have seen so many tender mercies in the past two days it's insane. There is so much goodness that comes from sharing the gospel in Harlem

 For an APF we set up a tv inside our church on the corner of 128th & Lenox which played "A Savior is Born" (reminds me of the beautiful kids in Harlem), served hot chocolate, and gave out wrapped Book of Mormons, 1,0000 cards, ect. Even President came out for a little to do it with us. It was great! It was actually pretty successful. We did it by the city college earlier in the week, as well. We have been able to talk to so many people!! Our goal as a mission is to find 1,000 new investigators by the end of the year and to really push the initiative. On Sunday we walked down the streets of Harlem stopping people and showing them the video. We talked to about 10 people and found 4 new investigators. Haha it was crazy. We have seen a huge amount of miracles in our area from it. 

My favorite was walking home the other night.. We saw this tall boy who looked cool 
So we sped up to him and I asked him if he would watch this video. He said he would as he walked and then as I showed him I dropped all my cards... Hah OPS..!! He had to stop to watch it:):) 

We have also been singing hymns on subways. (Still small voice is still present on subways/ loud cities) although, it is much harder sometimes for me to feel it and recognize than before. Living in a distracting place can be hard. The spirit comes so quickly through hymns. Sister Sam studies music so her voice in angelic!!! My goodness!! The Christmas Devotional was the most powerful & beautiful thing ever and she helped put it together. 

Other thing. I finished the Book of Mormon this week. My goodness. I know it's true. 
I know because It hit me as a subtle feeling of peace. No man could have written it but one who was inspired of God. 

I know my Savior more personally by being his hands and mouth this season. This time to be with Him and serve him is no time I would replace. 
I am grateful he was born!!! 
I am so excited to see you via Skype! 
Christmas plans-- Skype I think around 1:00. Hopefully we will be back by then. We will be going to have a breakfast with the bishop who works in the Empire State Building. Seeing my family will be such a treat for me. Get ready!!!!
I love you all!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!! 

Sister Vassau 

December 16, 2015

So Many Children of God

So many thoughts going through my mind walking down the streets of Harlem.. Hahaha 
I would share, but there are too many. I will break it down to one thought.. 

All are Children of God and that is all that matters. 

Everything about Harlem yells unique. This great land of project buildings and African hair shops is filled with personality. There is never a dull moment, like ever!!!!! Hahaha I love it!

So my first night here we just walked out of our apartment through a bunch of these buildings and I saw this really crazy cloud that was moving super quickly but it wasn't a cloud it was smoke.... Cute sister Sam taps on this woman's shoulder and asks her if that smoke is suppose to be coming out of that building like that. The lady said, OH NO. sister Sam then calls 911 on this huge fire happening on the top of this building. I was just thinking where am I? Hahaha 

We taught a really sweet humble man from Burkina Faso who was the pizza man. He speaks French and his English is actually awesome. "He kept saying I'm so grateful for you guys. I'm just so proud of you guys." He also said he would do whatever it takes, he just wants God in his life. He will have to be taught by the YSA Sisters now. 

The Harlem 1st Ward consists of younger couples that have 1.5 kids and are either from Utah and just here temporarily or are here for work/interns so there's not too many families here to stay. Then there's the Harlem born members. They are great. There are so many awesome people and families! 

I feel I am needed here for many reasons in this area and that feels really great. I feel like having more chances to teach because there is so much work will be really good. Teaching with sister Sam is so good. This companionship is so good!!! We teach well together and I feel we are able to bring the spirit strongly in our lessons so far. I have already been introduced to some real life heavy problems. Harlem is a really special place with special challenges and blessings. 

Someone we are working with is Sandra and her family. She is really struggling right now and facing really hard things. We do know that when hard things happen and when we have temptations we can become more humble, more able to recognize our dependence on God. 
27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them. Ether 12:27 (my favorite verse :))  
She is incredible and with faith she will be able to rise above what the world (or ny is telling her is okay). Seeing the way kids are being taught here amazes me. I have been so truly blessed to have been brought up in the circumstances I have with loving parents, good friends & family, and especially great leaders.. Wow wow wow. 

I & Harlem. I & the gospel! It is so true!!!!! 

Have a Merry Christmas. Do something for the Savior today! 
He can and will fill our hearts with peace, hope, and joy. 

December 9, 2015

Headed to the City for Winter

This week was one of the best weeks! I love being a missionary. I just felt super happy with how everything went and the work that we did. No one told me how special Christmas time is as a missionary. I love the Christ-centered music, the Spirit, and the message of our Savior! It's just the perfect time to share the Gospel. I have felt so much peace lately. We found some really great people and I felt such great love from this place, Sister Hislop, my other roommates and the tender mercies. 

We called a man on our phone who's name we did not know. His name is Ayele and he is from Ethiopia. He let us come see him and schedule a time to meet. He called us and told us to meet him at Barnes and Noble by us...Great!! We have no clue who he has met with before because we have zero records. We sat and taught him the Restoration. He is Orthodox, believes in Jesus Christ, is humble and the most kind man. Wow, it's so hard to leave these people! When we talked about the Book of Mormon he really tried to figure everything out and after a while he understood more of how it came to be. We told him he should come to church, and he did!!! It was such a sweet tender mercy on my last Sunday here for him to sit by me and stay the whole time. A couple in my ward, who were mission Presidents in Africa picked him up. I am so grateful. I was able to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting which was a really neat experience for me having him there. 

We also helped the Young Women. We talked about how they can invite others to come unto Christ. There are 2 main things that keep people from sharing the Gospel. 1) Fear 2) Not understanding what missionary work actually is. I can totally relate because little did I know it's the little things, not always a full on conversation on what we believe!! (Sometimes scary) These girls are some of the only ones at their schools that are LDS so you can imagine they are able to show courage and be examples of Christ everyday. I heard President Smith say this week, "You all have a light. OWN IT!!" :) I thought that was cute. 

Sister Hislop will be getting a new missionary so I got to go on a split with Sister Dunford!!! We were so happy. haha we have wanted to be companions since day #1. 

OK. HERE IS MY GOOD NEWS: I'm sure what you've all been waiting for...

                       SISTER VASSAU IS GOING TO HARLEM!!!! 

I will be covering the family ward with Sister Sam. Again, another one I was in the MTC with! Ha ha ha I will have been comps with all of them now. Who woulda thought? I am thrilled!!!! SO EXCITED!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET MY PEOPLE IN HARLEM!!!! Haha Sister Sam is adorable. She is so musically talented and plays the piano beautifully. We also will be living with the Sisters serving in the YSA Ward. They just split the area because there is so much work. I've heard the mission in Harlem is like serving in a different country. 

I will miss this place, it does have my heart, and it's a special place for my testimony of this true Gospel. I'll be back and maybe I'll be living big in Scarsdale... Haha probably not, but allow me to dream. The good thing about leaving is I can always be reassured that the Lord has new faces prepared just for me in Harlem. There is joy everywhere in this work, it does not matter where. It really doesn't, but the joy and happiness of the Gospel is found in the hearts of those who live it in any part of the world. I just so happen to be able to serve those that are from all parts of the world and that is a huge thing I am grateful for. The Savior is for EVERYONE. 

Thank you for your emails this week. I love you all! Sister Vassau

My Christmas dress! 

I will miss Scarsdale, Sister Hislop and all of the amazing people here! 

December 2, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving, we had a great day! 

New York is getting supa cold! 

Missions ARE cool! 

It has been the first of the chili days here in New York City. We can feel it in the air and see it in our breath. I don't remember that so much in Utah. We knocked in the cute village of Bronxville with our newest video, A Savior Is Born! We were PUMPED to share this. Bronxville is our favorite spot!!
So we knocked on around 45 doors and we shared the beautiful video with one person, well an older woman (91) and her nurse who was so sweet and grateful for any message about Christ. What was cool was this older woman, who doesn't look a day over 70, told us her brother loves Mormons and knew a good amount about us. They each gladly accepted the Book of Mormon and her nurse wants to learn more about it. (She also recently lost her husband and so she was telling us how darling he was. It was soooo cute!) This was the first time we were able to share this special video and they were SO grateful. Well, out of all those doors, pressing onward with happiness, they were worth it. 

I love #ASaviorIsBorn because there are children telling the story. Their messages are real, brief, powerful, and enthusiastic. If a child can understand the message of our Savior than so can each of us. Each of us can share our own testimonies of Him. The words "Savior" and "Rejoice" are used multiple times. WE SHOULD REJOICE ALWAYS FOR THE SAVIOR WHO CAME AND DIED FOR US, for our sins, but also our sadness. It's not just when we mess up, it's for those feelings we all feel so much of the time; loneliness, frustrations, anxiousness, it's those too! He wants us to remember that he brings us peace. He can heal a troubled heart. The kids are from places ALL around the world.  God respects ALL people. He loves each of his children with an infinite love. His love can fill an aching heart and everyone needs to remember the beauty that comes from the Atonement of our Savior. My invitation for each of you is to Discover Why the Savior is important for each of you in your own lives. Please share this video with everyone you feel prompted to!! 

One more story...

A week ago we went to find a woman who we have received the information for that lives in White Plains. We were told she had a Mormon come to help her with her pipes in her home and they started talking and something may have rekindled a flame in her. When we went to her home her husband answered the door and asked us what this had to do with him. He went to get his wife and she welcomed us in kindly. We knew little to nothing about her so we quickly found out she is so sweet and has two children. She was raised in the church and was even a Young Woman President in Ecuador and understood everything well. Later in her life, after having gone through some things, she found herself in New York married for the second time to a man who is Catholic. For whatever reason 14 years later she has decided she wants to come back to church. She told us she has to work out some complications with her husband, so it is best if she reaches out to us. As we sat down with her, I could tell how sincere her desires are to come back. She had a peaceful confidence about her, which is amazing because shortly after her husband came out once and then a second time. Any spirit that was felt in that room was shot down. It's like the whole room changed. The feeling I felt, made it very clear to me that he did not agree or support his wife's decision and that by us coming it was distancing them. I felt a pit in my stomach for this cute woman. We expressed our love to her and how important the family is in the Gospel and that we know Heavenly Father knows her situation. 

Well... This week she came to church earlier...she waited for us so she could apologize to us & tell us the day after her husband came to her and he softened a little and he is able to work with her in what brings her happiness. This taught me what a blessing that God still works with those who have fallen away for lengthy periods of time. That the gospel blesses families and that Heavenly Father answers ours prayers. She told me how she remembered my face and was VERY appreciative for what we did and that we came to find her. 

I love this church and this gospel. I love this time of year. 
I love my family and the love my parents have. 
I will know this week where I will be for this amazing season! Love you guys!

Love being in the home of Sister Smith and President. I love their family so much!