December 9, 2015

Headed to the City for Winter

This week was one of the best weeks! I love being a missionary. I just felt super happy with how everything went and the work that we did. No one told me how special Christmas time is as a missionary. I love the Christ-centered music, the Spirit, and the message of our Savior! It's just the perfect time to share the Gospel. I have felt so much peace lately. We found some really great people and I felt such great love from this place, Sister Hislop, my other roommates and the tender mercies. 

We called a man on our phone who's name we did not know. His name is Ayele and he is from Ethiopia. He let us come see him and schedule a time to meet. He called us and told us to meet him at Barnes and Noble by us...Great!! We have no clue who he has met with before because we have zero records. We sat and taught him the Restoration. He is Orthodox, believes in Jesus Christ, is humble and the most kind man. Wow, it's so hard to leave these people! When we talked about the Book of Mormon he really tried to figure everything out and after a while he understood more of how it came to be. We told him he should come to church, and he did!!! It was such a sweet tender mercy on my last Sunday here for him to sit by me and stay the whole time. A couple in my ward, who were mission Presidents in Africa picked him up. I am so grateful. I was able to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting which was a really neat experience for me having him there. 

We also helped the Young Women. We talked about how they can invite others to come unto Christ. There are 2 main things that keep people from sharing the Gospel. 1) Fear 2) Not understanding what missionary work actually is. I can totally relate because little did I know it's the little things, not always a full on conversation on what we believe!! (Sometimes scary) These girls are some of the only ones at their schools that are LDS so you can imagine they are able to show courage and be examples of Christ everyday. I heard President Smith say this week, "You all have a light. OWN IT!!" :) I thought that was cute. 

Sister Hislop will be getting a new missionary so I got to go on a split with Sister Dunford!!! We were so happy. haha we have wanted to be companions since day #1. 

OK. HERE IS MY GOOD NEWS: I'm sure what you've all been waiting for...

                       SISTER VASSAU IS GOING TO HARLEM!!!! 

I will be covering the family ward with Sister Sam. Again, another one I was in the MTC with! Ha ha ha I will have been comps with all of them now. Who woulda thought? I am thrilled!!!! SO EXCITED!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET MY PEOPLE IN HARLEM!!!! Haha Sister Sam is adorable. She is so musically talented and plays the piano beautifully. We also will be living with the Sisters serving in the YSA Ward. They just split the area because there is so much work. I've heard the mission in Harlem is like serving in a different country. 

I will miss this place, it does have my heart, and it's a special place for my testimony of this true Gospel. I'll be back and maybe I'll be living big in Scarsdale... Haha probably not, but allow me to dream. The good thing about leaving is I can always be reassured that the Lord has new faces prepared just for me in Harlem. There is joy everywhere in this work, it does not matter where. It really doesn't, but the joy and happiness of the Gospel is found in the hearts of those who live it in any part of the world. I just so happen to be able to serve those that are from all parts of the world and that is a huge thing I am grateful for. The Savior is for EVERYONE. 

Thank you for your emails this week. I love you all! Sister Vassau

My Christmas dress! 

I will miss Scarsdale, Sister Hislop and all of the amazing people here! 

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