December 30, 2015

Happy New Year 2016!

How cool is it that this whole year, twenty- sixteen I will be here in New York serving??

So, that means all my goals and plans can happen, will happen! No excuses!!! I have the Lord on my side. I know what's important to me is also important to God. What I sacrifice now will come as an expression to my Heavenly Father that I need his help with my goals. I have found that mastering goals is no easy task, but I also know that without them we could not become who our Heavenly Father knows we can be-- our fullest potential!! 
I know God has a plan (Moses 1:39) so we should have a plan too. 

Some of my goals: I want to gain as much knowledge as I can. 
I also want to strengthen my Faith in Christ daily and have my own experiences with Him! 

Christmas was really awesome. Thank you thank you for every little letter that came to me in the mail and all the packages from family, ward family and friends! So greatly appreciated!! They all filled my Christmas here with a little more joy. Skyping you guys was amazing! I loved that so much. The rest of my Christmas was great.

A couple things that happened this week...

We went to a funeral with an investigator named Briant at a Baptist church. Briant was found by the sisters and said if missionaries ever came knocking on his door he would get baptized. He is this huge man that is a family man with the most tender heart. Ah! I saw this big heart while talking with him at the funeral. He is a bouncer who kicks people out of bars and he told us if someone ever messes with us he will be there.  He is ready to make changes in his life starting with church at 11:00. He is so cool!!

One other thing I want to share, because it was one of the coolest things that has happened. We had made our goals this morning to find & pray for a prepared family.  Also, we have been getting an over flow of media referrals to contact here. They should be contacted within 24 hours, but many times don't have an apt. #. We traveled to contact this one and once we arrived there was no number. We looked at this big building and said we might as well try to find her.. Haha Show Our faith!? We were just laughing going up and pushed the level we felt and we said a prayer. We found this boy who wasn't interested but we asked him who he knows that would be. He pointed us to the 6th floor and that is where we found our family. A family of 7 and they are beautiful people!! I will definitely keep you updated on them. There was such a good feeling, then we asked her if she knew Mayra and she did!!!! Hahahaha we found Mayra's mom. 
Heavenly Father loves his children so much!

Happy New Year! We will be in by 7:00pm  because things could get a little crazy in the streets of Harlem. We'll be safe! Love you all! 

Love, Sister Vassau

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