August 24, 2016

Middletown is Special!


One week in Middletown and I can feel I'm going to fall in love with
this town and the surrounding ones. Middletown is where most of our
work is and we also drive 20-30 min. To the ones around which are so
beautiful. There are lots and lots of trees and wide open fields with
cute barns and country homes. I love the style and I feel very happy
and peaceful here. I've already felt this area and week has been one
of healing. My mind has been so happy. I feel the spirit so much in
our companionship. I can honestly say this week was one of the best
weeks on my mission. I say that because each day we had great things
happen, but I've been feeling the spirit so much and my companion is
just an angel and really someone I admire and can connect with. I love
her so much already. She's been through her own refiners fire early on
in her life and I can tell that she is such a strong and Christlike
person because of the challenges she saw. Also, we had such a funny
week and I got to know people very different than I would meet in the
city.  The ward here is special. The list of names is not much
smaller, but there feels to only be around 60 at church. It is a
Spanish and English ward so I feel like there is still a good mix of
very different ethnicities. The Elders here are awesome. We are
laughing a lot. It is just the four of us in our district. We work so
much with the less actives in the area. We look them up set up
appointments then find around them. Something we are starting to do is
call and visit them to invite them to invite their friends to the
Hartsford temple open house, which we get to be apart of.  Have you
seen the temple?  It's so beautiful!! I'm grateful for temples in my
mission.  I heard a story of how sometimes we are called to a mission
where there is a temple for a reason.

We have a few people with a baptismal date. Christina is a mom who
should be getting baptized in the next two weeks. We have called many
members in the ward to pick a day to fast and pray that she will get
baptized. So everyday up until she gets baptized people will be
fasting... We've got some funny responses from people. Also, everyone
is so kind and willing to help! One Brother told us he would fast
"Monday & Wednesday & Friday, he needs to loose weight." Hahahah The
problem is Christina needs to get married 1st so they are trying to
get it all the done so the bishop can marry them at the church before
she gets baptized.  Next is Denisha! The mom of a little boy and one
of the way. We have seen her a lot this week on her porch. She is
One of the nights we read with her we began talking about the
Atonement and how she has seen herself let things go.  How can you let
the Savior help you? I have seen myself lately using the Atonement by
having a prayer journal where I will write down some worries,
questions I have and listen to Heavenly Father and then write down how
he responds. I'm trying to let them go & have Heavenly Father take
them from me.

Also, I got to go on a short split with Sister Hart who's serving in
Monticello with all the crazy cats up there. It was so happy for the
both of us. Upstate has some different kinds of folks. Haha this
weekend the Lanier family is getting sealed in the temple. I saw the
Smith's the other day and they said I could go so I am hoping it works
out and I can be there for that. I'm so proud of them!!

I miss each of you so much. I Hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful
first week of school.  I really can't believe school is starting up.
That is insane!

Bye! Pray for Christian and The Lanier's for me please!
Xo, Sister Vassau

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