August 17, 2016

Headed to Middletown


This past week has been so special. On Thursday morning we had a member come out with us to do a finding activity in front of the church with the Book of Mormon. I was praying hard that we would be able to see just a little miracle come from having Sister Hartshorn there with us. It was one of the hottest & humid mornings in the city and she had her little girl there with us.  Typically we hand out a few copies after being out for a while. Her little girl brought some miracles. She would stare people in the eyes and then smile. Simply her way of sharing the gospel. We taught a woman who just found her Jesus while having a life or death experience. She replaced her magazine with a copy of the Book of Mormon! We were so grateful for that experience and to hear a members simple testimony. We also received a text last week from Kat, who met us on the subway.  Right when I saw her I remembered! The day we met Kat on the subway she told she would love to hang out with us. She didn't want a Book of Mormon because she is not religious at all so when we met with her at the chapel my heart was so happy. To see a miracle come from  opening your mouth on the subway is so happy. Kat is so cool. She's from Vancouver, Canada and was just super interested in our lives. We told her all about our missions and taught her the restoration. She wanted to meet up again, but sadly I found out I will be leaving Manhattan, but we could connect on Facebook. 

A lot has happened this week I don't think I'll be able to write out, but I will share this verse I was reading in a sacrament hymn Sunday because my mind has been thinking about it.  I have felt so richly blessed. THE WHOLE sacrament I have it. It was incredible.  It says, As now we praise thy name with song, The blessings of this day. Will linger in our thankful hearts, And silently we pray. For courage to accept thy will To listen and obey.  We Love thee Lord; our hearts are full. We'll walk thy chosen way. 
How difficult is it sometimes to feel grateful when we go through hard hard things? How scary can it be to have courage to follow promptings? 

The words of these verses sunk in my heart!! I can't really explain the ways I have been blessed. I've learned so much and my heart is so full for the Savior!   I was thinking the whole meeting how many amazing things I have been able experience in this city.  they are in my heart && journal, and I hope remembered by those that have been around me . :) I feel a lot of the blessings I have felt have come from small promptings. FOLLOW SPIRITUAL PROMPTINGS. They always come from God. I think if I have to sum up the things I've learned I would say I have learned that happiness comes from having gratitude now. When we listen and obey promptings in our life, Heavenly Father blesses us for our courage. 
I think I got heat exhaustion my last day in the city so that was how It ended Monday night. Haha we were at a service and this lady named Martha gave me 75 cents and said, "Go get water. Go you don't sound good. Go!" Hahaha It was so sweet because I think I wouldn't have been well. 
I was so excited when I heard I would be transferred to a wonderful place called Middletown. I drove down with Sister Hislop yesterday to Ossining and from there I met my amazing companion Sister Zelaya. It's just going to be a good transfer with her. I will be sending her home.  Middletown is so green!!!!! I can't explain the feeling of  being back upstate. It felt so right, like home. I already felt a little sick yesterday from being in a car for too long, which I'll have to get used to again. We had the best night together. We did some look ups! Went to find a less active. Prayed to knock on another door and found a less active at the door we knocked at. I'm so grateful and excited to be upstate again. It feels very slow, and very peaceful, but there is such good work here too. This morning we went to Olive Garden with the senior sisters and woman from the ward. They are sweet & it's all a very different feel.  I'm excited to share more about this area and the people with you! 
Love you all so much! 
Xo, Sister Vassau 

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