September 7, 2016

next up...Hartford!


Oh my goodness. I can't wait to tell you about my week. Get ready for it. We have had the most incredible week together in Middletown. I felt wherever we were was the right place in the right time. I felt led by the spirit. We had incredible key indicators and I felt so blessed by the Lord! We taught 32 lessons and got 10 new investigators!  So 10 new people who have a next appointment. It was so cool. We just kept on saying how cool things were going. We found around all the people we had in our schedule and we were out walking.. that helped with feeling trapped in a car. We met Nelson, our brother, who meets with the Elders every day now! It wasn't that we were working so hard and killin ourselves, but just working smarter. 

I want to share one experience I had this week that stands out to me. So we visit Sister Casteleiro frequently to help her with her mail, groceries, trash. Things like that. She is a member who struggles getting around and since the sisters have been in her life it has changed her life. Have you seen the Mormon message Lift? She reminds me of that, so grateful. Well I love her so much. So on Sunday she came in late and sat in the back on the chairs by the door. Sister Zelaya nudged me and asked if we should go sit by her knowing she probably would like that. I thought to myself, well I'm comfortable here. (These chairs are cushioned.. Does Sister Casteleiro care?.... ) 
I took the sacrament and thought about the Savior and the promises I have made with my Heavenly Father. Not much longer after I felt, GO SIT BY HER. The Savior cares!!! 

Sometimes it's just not comfortable or convinced to do what the Savior would do. After taking a seat next to her, I thought about how much better I feel inside and how comfortable it was on the back row. Of course, Sister Casteleiro was so thankful, she always is, but I was thankful for learning that small lesson to care for God's children the that way he does. I don't think Christ would see her and say she's fine, I'm better here. I know this example is so silly and small, but I do have a testimony of following spiritual promptings and keeping the covenants we've made. Bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light; ...mourn with those that mourn;... comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in.. Mosiah 18:8-10. 

I have news! So President Smith called us on Monday.. He told us he knew Sister Zelaya and I were suppose to serve together and that he has prayed & fasting and he would like me to serve in the Hartford, Connecticut temple open house with 8 other sisters in our mission and the 16 in the Boston mission. I would be leaving Wednesday (today) and be having meetings this weekend for more information about the Hartford temple open house. With Hartford not being in the mission, they are still figuring out the living situation so in the mean while, Sister Busby and I will stay in Yonkers for a few nights.. Haha (Not exactly sure what we're suppose to be doing. President kind of just gave us the keys/ lead to figure out where we can go for splits and everything... ) So when sister Busby and I got to Scarsdale today we had no phone, no plans, and no idea about what will be happening, just excited! We will likely go on splits in Scarsdale which will be amazing. It feels like a dream. We will have some trainings this weekend and then for 2 weeks be in New Cannon living with the Bishop and his family. He wants us to go to the different wards and share the news about the temple open house! I think from there we will be living in Hartford and be at the temple each day working & teaching & greeting people from all over. I feel so grateful!!!! I feel such a special love for the temple and I know that it will be an opportunity that will change my life forever more. sister Busby is very sweet. I really like her and it will be so fun to be around other sisters and members in the temple boundaries.  It's been a very interesting couple of days saying bye to people in Middletown where I loved so much, then also feeling in my heart that Heavenly Father has a plan and the temple has everything to do with that plan. 

It's been so fun to hear about the things you guys are up. I am SO THANKFUL Ethan is okay and that Isabel is doing better. That is so good to hear. Thank you for keeping me updated. I love you guys! 

Love, Sister Vassau

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