September 28, 2016

Service at the Hartford Temple

What an awesome week!  Well I'm here!! I'm in Hartford, Connecticut I think. I will share what my days are consisting of at the temple!  This week so far up until the 30th are kind of prep days and VIP tours. We do the introduction to the video and give some brief points before everyone watches a wonderful 10 minute video of "what temples are and why they are so special." We also are in the receptions tents after people come out to answer questions and be warm and sincere to all who come!!!!  ( I'm loving this reception tent ) It is so fun being with 25 of the sweetest sisters. It's also super different being with 25sisters all day long. We live at members homes and we are living with the Coleman's. Sister Holt & Sister Morley are also with us here. The Coleman's are just getting home today from a trip so 4 Sister missionaries in a big home with no one else home for the weekend... what a strange situation!

The very first thing we were able to do after arriving at the temple was go through. We were the very first tour of this temple. Wow. This is an absolutely beautiful temple in every way. Every detail of this temple inside and out is New England, Gregorian. I've realized living upstate how in love I am of this style. I was blown away at the style of it, my favorite I've been through. It is so special! It is so white and bright. This is the Lord's house!  Brother Star told us one thing that has stayed in my mind this week. "The Lord only micromanages 2 things.. Bishops & temples. There is a reason you're here." I have seen that here as I have seen so many participate to make this open house a wonderful experience for everyone. Everything is done to the best because it is the most sacred place on earth and our Heavenly Father wants all to come and see.

The artwork is absolutely stunning and breathtaking. As we were walking down one hallway to the next, our tour guide stopped us and told us to just admire this painting. It was a painting of a fall scenery in Connecticut. He then told us, "it's amazing isn't it? Want to know something-the man who painted this is colorblind. " we all were so amazed at his painting and just paused. It's amazing how we can use our talents to help other come closer to Christ. That painting now will always have more meaning behind it because I know the story. I know that every picture in the temple is there for a reason. There is a story to all paintings and they are each in the right place in the temple. Next time you notice a painting inside the temple or even a church building think of maybe why they chose that one to be put up in that particular room.

Something also that was interesting when given a more detailed tour by Elder Wilson Monday with all the Boston sisters was this.. The church has done a survey and asked people this after visiting temple sq.. "What struck you the most from what you saw in your visit?" Number one is the Sister Missionaries!! It may be their pretty faces, but I think it's their warmth and the genuine feelings they leave with people.  People feel and see something special in those who serve their Heavenly Father. I have recognized the powerful influence we and many others will have and have had on people who visit the temple. The first day was all the men who worked construction on this temple. Hard work I tell ya! one of the wives of the men said, " my husband never complained after he came home from working on the temple like he normally would. " He knew this building was different. She  didn't want to leave that celestial room. There was also tours for residents living in the neighborhoods around the temple who've seen the temple being worked on for 3 years. So many of them were so grateful they had the opportunity to come and see. It's been so fun to see how amazed people are. There were also some tours given to stake leadership and other religious leaders. Last night I was talking to a Jewish and a Hindu man and they both were very kind and friendly. I'm amazed how I still am able to speak with and be with so many of other cultures from all over the world. The Lord is reaching all people everywhere so His gospel can have the opportunity to touch  all peoples hearts! This is definitely a softer approach and I'm happy that it is!

I love the Hartford, Connecticut temple and I'm so grateful to be here! We've done a lot of standing around this week and figuring things out, but I feel that we are absolutely helping others come closer to Christ.
I'm grateful for the Atonement that allows us to step inside His Holy house.

I hope each of you enjoys General Conference, it's soooo exciting.

The woman's Conference was so good for me to listen to. Did anyone else just relate to Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Faith? I just was all over that one. Go read!! I love you each so much and I miss you all daily.

Love you,

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