September 14, 2016

Sister missionaries in New Canaan


I've had an awesome week. It's been so dreamy. Hahaha
We feel like the luckies to be in New Canaan. New Canaan hasn't had
sister in a couple years so we'll be here before and after the temple
open house. I am so grateful for the experience I will be having. So I
had a lot of cool experiences this week. The first being able to visit
with the Lanier's Wednesday. They loved the temple and want to go
back. Little Jeffrey said he never felt so much joy in his life.
That's very cool coming from a 15 year old. It always feels like home
there. I told them to write down their feelings of that day and Jeff
pulled out his journal from past lessons we've had over there, it was
fun to read those short one liners. Hahah The next day we went on a
split with the Westchester sisters. I spent the entire day in
Yonkers!!! Scarsdale and Yonkers have combined wards so the work there
has changed and I think it has been good for the two. Can you believe

Friday we went on a special temple trip to do a session with the other
sisters that will be in Hartford! President and Sister Smith, along
with President's parent who were on their way home from their mission
in Find Land, went through with us. THAT WAS SPECIAL. I love the
temple and I felt the spirit while I was there. I loved hearing the
Smith's testimonies of the temple and how central it has been in their

So Friday later is when we arrived in New Canaan and met Sister Pace.
They are a really great family and have been so good to us. I am
really grateful they are letting us live with them and practically
being our family for the time being.we feel very well taken care of.
They have 3 girls, one is on a mission in São Paulo Brazil! Ashlyn is
16 and LaNaya is 13. They are super cute girls! Sister Pace makes us
food a lot and they let us say family prayers with them. Hahaha so
nice! Bishop Pace has been traveling most the time we've been here.
He's awesome, he gave us a list of names when we got here. The Elders
also met with us to tell us about who we can work with! One of the
Elders served with Sister Baugh in Moscow before coming to ny!!! Small
world! The night we got here they took us out to sushi and we went
with Sister Pace to pick up her daughter and met a bunch of the young
woman. This ward is incredible!! Families practically come here for
the youth program. It was a rare group of girls:)

The members we have stopped by so far have all been amazing!!! Sunday
we had a meeting for the Hartford temple so we couldn't go to our
sacrament meeting but we went to ward council before and later to this
fireside and they were all so great!!! Everyone kept asking us how
they could help us. The fireside was for the stake youth for the
Celebration of the temple and they had us stand up so they could
announce that we were here to help everyone to invite people to the
temple!! Haha it was awesome.

The streets and neighborhoods here are so charming. The biggest most
beautiful homes I've ever seen all in one little town. This life is
not real. We had dinner with Sister Ohrn who's a ward missionary and
works in the temple who just LOVES missionaries and we were out on her
back porch having dinner. It was the most dreamy scene you would ever
see. Everyone has been so happy to see sisters, that's made things fun
for us. It's difficult not having a lot of clue what to do, but it's
also been kind of fun to just go day by day and follow the spirit.

We had a zone study on Joseph Smith History. This Elder in our mission
sang Joseph Smith's first prayer and the whole meeting I felt had such
a sweet spirit. Chills. I know I can always fall back on President
Smith's testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith.
I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I want to be a mother of
Faith, like Lucy who trusts and doesn't live in confusion.
I have for myself felt the still voice of the spirit teach me of how
true the restoration really was here in New York and Connecticut and I
am so excited for that anchor to my testimony. I can't wait to share
more about the New Canaan ward with you! I hope we will be able to be
in the homes here and share our simple testimonies of temples!

"Believe enough to ask, trust enough to follow."

Love you all

Sister McKell Vassau

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