September 21, 2016

WE are Blessed

Hey, Many many many good things to share ;) So funny story first, we
went to a beach today for pday and took KFC, random right? As we were
eating chicken about 25 seagulls surrounded us so we thought it was a
good idea to throw some chicken to them to get them away, but after
that they about attacked us. It was like way scarier than anything
that happened in Harlem!! Hahaha we were laughing so hard.
This week has been incredible. I'm so happy & i'm so grateful for
lessons and places we've been. We feel like we're the luckies Sisters
and I am counting my blessings!! I love New Canaan and I absolutely
love the members in New Canaan. It is the coolest and strongest ward
I've seen. I've been thinking about how amazing it's only been 1.5
weeks and I feel like I have a pretty good idea about most the ward.
We've had some amazing experiences of sharing the vision of the temple
with the families here. I could go on and on about each member and
family, but I'll just share some of my favorites.

Because we only have the time we've had to be in New Canaan. We have
just stopped by members homes and tried our best to set some things
up, most mostly just dropping by on the fly. We have focused on the
blessings, sacrifices, and promises of the temple. It's been neat to
hear experiences and the ways the temple is special to each individual
person.  I have felt a few people we've stopped by have REALLY
appreciated it.  Ah they've been so great. They miss sisters and some
are even working towards going through the temple.

Sister Busby

We had a Facebook messenger miracle lesson through FaceTime with a guy
from Lithuania Sunday who messaged us about what we feel about eternal
marriage. The Elders joined us Sunday morning and we were able to
teach him in Lithuania. It is so cool to be a missionary right now
with the tools we have to share the gospel.

Sunday Suster Busby & I spoke in Sacrament on our assignment in
Hartford, Connecticut. We each shared our experiences of why the
temple is important to us. I talked about my vision early on of the
temple when we were sealed in the temple and the temple walk Cass and
I did that reminds me of always keeping the temple as a desire and an
end goal. We are beacons when we serve in the temple & invite others
to come and see. What a special time it will be to be on temple
grounds for 5 weeks and feel the spirit of the temple that will effect
my life and each and every person who comes to see. I don't even have
to do all the talking, that's the best part..THE TEMPLE WILL SPEAK FOR
ITSELF!!  I shared a part of a talk by Sister Elaine S. Dalton on
choosing things you will Always do. my greatest desire is to always
attend the temple and make it an important part of my life.
What are your list of Always??

We've been trying to serve and think of things we can do for the Pace
family because they are very kind so we did an family night with them
Monday. We did service at Waveny Care Center Yesterday. Waveny is this
incredible place for older people with Dementia. I thought about
grandma kimball as I was there. We were dancing with them, helping
them with flower arranging, going along with what they would say and
felt and I loved it so much! I do get a slight confused when I'm
there. Haha They have me all concerned about their problems!!

What else! Sister Busy is the best. She is so kind. I don't know what
it would have been like if I hadn't come here. I'm grateful for my
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and I love them.

Oh! One more miracle that was the craziest thing. There's this lady
named sister Ohrn who's like a vogue model, fabulous, shic woman who
is a ward missionary. We were having lunch with her and Sister Webb,
another wanna be like kind of 82 year old. They invited their friend
to lunch but she didn't show up. After her house we felt like tracting
this apartment complex we'd been to the other week. While tracting we
got let into the same Sheryl who was suppose to have lunch with us and
who's had lessons before. Hahahah it was the craziest thing. The
spirit helped us out with that one. She's coming up to the open house
with sister Ohrn so we're excited to see them both.

Don't forget to email me what you all are up to! I love hearing from
you. I love you all.

Sister Vassau

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