July 27, 2016

It's the Little Things

Hello :)

I hope each of you are loving life and summer. Can you believe it's
the last week of July?  Time goes scary fast.  I had a little bit of
an overwhelming feeling riding on the subway last night,  because I
won't wear a name tag for forever.  That's good! I couldn't do
missionary work forever, but I really am so lucky to have Jesus
Christ's name on my heart.  I won't be able  to talk so openly & forwardly
about the Gospel that's gone from my head to my heart.  Especially The
Book of Mormon. It's a different feeling being set apart by a representative 
of Christ and given that authority.  I'm grateful!

Now I think the most difficult part about being a representative of
Him full-time is the responsibilities that are on us and the
stewardship we have over our area. I think if someone asked me 
the hardest thing about my mission for me I would say
PRIDE.  Doing the things that I don't want to do, which can be
prideful, but also being kind to myself! And giving myself credit for
trying! Doing my best! At the end of the day, we are all doing our best!  
I think we are too hard on ourselves & need to remember the why of 
the Gospel and missionary work.

I love my Savior. I love the ways we grow closer to him.
Zone conference was yesterday and I felt the spirit so strong in my
heart. Lots of things & feelings like I just have so much to do and
work on. It can be discouraging. I  just have a lot of things I want to do 
to help this ward. The list of our ward is so long, but sister Heiner is 
great and helped me think one thing at a time.

We had an APF the other day and I saw a girl out of the corner of my eye.
I decide to go talk to her and ask them where they're from!
They were from Germany and very sweet girls!
The mom told me she was not religious because she feels every religion
has corruption. She didn't not want a copy of the BOM...
I had the opportunity to share the restoration with her and testify of
how perfect and pure the gospel of Jesus Christ is that's found in the
BOM. She told me her sister is Mormon.
She completely changed her mind and wanted the Book of Mormon!
I promised her she would understand her sister as she reads it.
It was the sweetest experience because,
Her countenance completely changed and she had a big smile on her face
as she left our conversation  :)
We also walked the Pier the other day right before flood warnings
(picture below to show how wet we were.) The lightning was so close.
Well we met Ricky. Ricky told us of his life & experiences on the
street and I won't
share the term he referred himself as. So sad and so much guilt from his past.
We told him of the Book of Mormon and opened to Alma 36 and read it.
He loves Jesus Christ and was thankful we talked to him because he is
trying to turn his life around. That can be a daunting thing without a
of how we can truly be at peace.

I know everyone can change. I know it's by doing the simple things for
the rest of our life that bring happiness and progression. I know it's
our desires that mean the most to our Heavenly Father. D & C 137:9.
Our desire for reading & praying will determine how much we will get
out of them. Please don't forget the little things! Remember it is the
spirit that leads us to do good! Text or message a friend today that
needs to know you're thinkin of them & love them! That's my invite :)

I love ya. I'm so grateful for my family.
Have a great week.

Xx: Sister Vassau!

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