July 20, 2016

July 20, 2016

Hi guys!

This week we got a lot done and I had some personally meaningful faith
building experiences. I feel like being a missionary in Manhattan
requires a lot of creativity!
We've been doing our Book of Mormon board and handed out a lot of Book
of Mormons this week, we printed off a map of our big area and where
all members live so we can look up multiple while we are in an area.
We're going to make a super big map and color coordinate everyone!
hopefully know something about each member here. The walking makes it
feel like we sometimes aren't effective and don't reach all the people
we could be trying. I've been thinking more if each thing we plan is
the best thing we could be doing.
The best thing has been difficult & changes day by day. in a city like
this one. I've just seen how Heavenly Father trusts his missionaries
so much. He wants us to come up with the ideas and ways we
individually, with our own talents & abilities can make the area the
best it can be... So we're working on it, but sister Heiner is really
great and teaches so beautifully.
The first few days of this transfer, I'll be honest, I felt like the
only way I will get through these next weeks here is if we are serving
& busy.  So I've been sincerely asking for service opportunities...
Lots of prays!

We had a sweet experience teaching the Feria family the Plan of
Salvation. Vicki and Nelson are partially blind. Vicki's has a kidney
disease and her husband has suffered from a skin cancer. They have two
little girls! Gracelyn Faith and Sky Miracle and  a little boy who is
special.  Before the lesson Vicki asked us if we would go to trader
Joe's and help her with groceries this week. So we were able to do
that for her! Haha (Groceries in the city is such a work out.  Ah Who
woulda thought!?)
We sang I Am A Child of God and later read the scripture about how
ever limb will be restored to it's perfect frame. It was so sweet.
They all talked about it afterwards.

Yesterday we walked past a food kitchen thing going on and have a new
service opportunity there. We had dinner with the Hartley's at this
salad place called SweetGreen last night, my favorite place. They are
the most sweet & genuine couple. They are sadly moving so asked us if
we could help them! So many opportunities to serve the people around
us. How cool is that.
Prayers are answered and God wants us to be happy!

I have been able to see so much of the Lord's hand in my life by
strengthening me and blessing me with energy and confidence. I am
loving Manhattan. I really love the union sq. ward. I realized that a
lot this week and on Sunday. We have been in so many sweet members
homes.  I never knew I needed to live in Manhattan, New York to learn
so much about myself.  I love the people and I love the different
reasons why everyone is here.  There are just so many opportunities &
exciting things to do with our lives!  It's exciting so see as we more
perfectly live the gospel, more faith, confidence, joy, hope enter in
our lives. I know that's true.

Love, Sister Vassau!!

Also,  Jeff & Miguel came to the city to see us! It was sooo happy! I
miss that family & they are still planning on being sealed August

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