July 13, 2016

Transfer Week! Pizza for the FINISH!


Wednesday again! This week was good. Longer than others because Sister
Hart was transferred and is whitewashing Monticello with another
sister in my district, Sister Johnson. She's so excited to be in
nature again. Haha I don't know much about that place, just a lot of
cows. we talk about how much we miss it often. But I had the thought
last night that I could only be living here for 5 more weeks! I do
love everyday in the city, however it's really hot and exhausting
sometimes. I'll seriously miss sister hart so much. Every day was just
a joy to be with her and grow along side her.  I am a better
missionary and human because of the time we spent, serving, teaching,
walking, talking, laughing, eating, and confiding in each other!! My
new comp is sister Heiner. She's here from Darien, Connecticut. The
dream! She's from Odgen, UT. Is a dancer. Loves Legos. And seems to be
excited about everything. It will be great.

Sorry this is short! I love you all and hope each of you are doing well.

Love, Sister Vassau

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