March 30, 2016

God is Good...all of the days!

Someone said that on the street this week and we've been saying it too
:) (he is;))

I hope you all had a great week and Easter.
Easter Sunday we had so many people at church. Love that! There were
so many kids. it got so loud. Haha Daniel was sitting next
to us and kept turning around and getting frustrated.. Hahaha I love
that about our Church. We love reverence, but we also love little kids
and want them to learn to feel the spirit at a young age so we let
them sit through sacrament meeting and teach them and it makes moms
super anxious. :/ That's been a big concern here with some less active
moms we work with. That is the reason Bernadette Latimere does not
come each week. Her and others have lots of children so the ward
has really tried to embrace getting them here and having others help
them. The sacrament should be experienced as a family! It was also CJ
Latimere's baptism and confirmation this weekend so their family was
all there. At last!! We have been working on that the whole time I've
been in Harlem. The baptism was awesome. Only the Elders, right before,
told us the water was yellow... Gross. CJ didn't mind. He said that
was the water Jesus was probably baptized in too!

Sister Smith, Lauren, and her friend from Brooklyn came to Harlem to
join in on an APF.  I haven't seen Lauren in so long!!!! I was so
happy to have them in Harlem. Lauren and her friend handed out
Hallelujah cards with us in front of the church. Who could say no to
those two? It's always humbling. Afterwards they took us to Harlem

Our sweet sweet member helped our investigator Stephanie understand
the second two hours of church are optional... OH DEAR. Stephanie was
happy having heard that. (... & That's why so many people here leave
after Sacrament!!)

I love Sister Stanley (the name she has been given by everyone in
Harlem). Haha This week she taught me this Book of Mormon song and she
makes sure I know it during comp studies. What would I do without her?

Every Tuesday we do service at the New York common pantry. We usually
bag things for them, like cabbages so we call ourselves the cabbage
girls. We are trying to find more opportunities for service because
service is just so good. If ya haven't heard go check out JUSTSERVE!!
Service is really living the gospel.

In Harlem, I am learning how to really live the gospel, which is
faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end.
I love this definition of faith.. "Faith is a strong belief that
motivates a person to act"
Faith in Jesus Christ is more than a passive belief in Him.. It is
ACTION! Then it leads us to have a desire to be a better human, to
truly & sincerely repent.
"As you repent, you will experience a change of heart. You will no
longer desire to sin"
You can feel peace, comfort, and joy again!
We can have new life in Jesus Christ like when we were baptized when
we take the sacrament! That is such a blessing. Be careful what you
are doing with your time so that having the Holy Ghost becomes first
priority in your life.
I have just met a lot of people who feel so much guilt. It's really
sad.  Which is why many New Yorkers tell us all their problems,
because they see our name tags and know we can help them as a
representative of Jesus Christ. That is cool.
I know when we are honest to Heavenly Father in our short comings, he
can help us, through his Atonement and the help of others. It's
difficult for me to ask for help, but I know it is a way to become
better & stronger. This, I am learning.
I'm looking forward to praying about some questions I have for
Heavenly Father. Through prophets we can receive answers.

I love you people. You all are such a strength to me here. Thank you!!
Love, Sister Vassau

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