March 9, 2016

Feels like Spring!

I'm sorry everyone. I'm really sick today, so it's taken me like all
day to write this, and that might explain the parts that might sound a
little bland, or weird grammar wise. But just picture me being really
excited about all of this because I really am. I just don't feel like
moving anything more than my typing fingers right now. :)
Alright! So here's my daily miracles:

We called Michelle to ask her if we could come see her sometime soon,
and we ended up doing a full lesson over the phone. She wanted to give
us back the Book of Mormon after reading just the 1st chapter. We told
her we weren't gonna give up on her because we know how important this
is. We talked about why the Book of Mormon is so important and how it
is very different from the Bible, but that that's what makes it so
awesome. It adds a separate, yet similar witness of Jesus Christ and
his gospel. We explained that if she reads the Book of Mormon, not
just a couple chapters, and prays about it, that she will get a
witness of its truth. Then she will know that this church is Jesus
Christ's church established again on the earth and that Joseph Smith
is a prophet. We committed her to read the Book of Mormon and pray
about it. She reluctantly agreed, and when we saw her again, she
didn't try to give us back the Book of Mormon. She said she's going to
give it a try but that church was too much for her. She said she can't
do the 3 hour thing. It's too long for her. So we told her to just
come once a month, or every week just for the first hour. She's not
going to stop meeting with us, because she likes us :) but she thinks
she's not gonna get baptized either. She doesn't know what the Book of
Mormon does to people yet. :)

Bernadette is a less active in our ward who is just the sweetest mom.
She has a hard time coming to church because she has four little boys
and the two youngest both have autism. She says that it's just really
stressful because they're so loud in sacrament meeting and then, when
she brings them to primary, they end up getting brought back to her 15
minutes after she drops them off because they are "too much" for the
primary workers. She just doesn't come to church because of it. We're
trying to work with the ward council to help the primary workers help
them. But we haven't gotten their whole family to church yet.
Sometimes it's just her husband and the two older boys, but other
times none of them are there. When we went to see her today, we talked
about how motherhood is one of the greatest responsibilies God gives
women. We shared the story of the 2000 stripling warriors with her. We
told her that even just her example to her boys is something that will
help them want to change and become the people God wants them to be.
We talked about how her boys were sent to her because Heavenly Father
trusts her to rear them in a home that is Christ centered. It was
exactly what she needed, and the Spirit was stronger in that lesson
than I think it's ever been.

We saw Narely, who has been an investigator for a while, but just says
she's always too busy to meet with us. This lesson was a little bit
difficult because of Narely's kids, but we talked a lot about the Book
of Mormon and how it blesses lives. We also talked about how reading
the Book of Mormon will bless her family. We read the introduction of
the Book of Mormon with her and talked about questions she had about
it. She really is golden and she said she really wants the gospel for
her kids. Our goal is to get her to the point where she wants it
enough to actually go after it. She is on her way there though, and
that's a miracle.

Ah! So we were going into an apartment building to see someone, and a
guy named John held the door open for us. Such a nice guy! He stopped
us and asked us where we are from. We told him about our church and he
said he's seen it and he's "been meaning to go"!! :) we invited him to
come to church with us. We asked him if he knows about the Book of
Mormon. He's heard of it, but nothing more than that. We gave him a
restoration pamphlet and he said he's going to read it to see if he's
interested in meeting with us. He may not ever call us, but people
only need 8-9 run-ins with the church before they're curious enough to
take lessons. Maybe we were 7! He will be baptized one day. :)
Raman is Selina's, another investigator's, brother. He answered the
door when we came looking for her and said he was there doing her
dishes because she is sick. We talked to him a little bit and he told
us he really appreciates us coming over to talk to her about God. He
has strong faith. He wants Selina to keep meeting with us and
strengthening her faith because she has her struggles. He seems to
take good care of her. He told us he would like to join in on the next
visit. We showed him Because of Him. He really enjoyed it. We gave him
the Book of Mormon and told him this book would bring him closer to
God than any other book. We invited him to read the intro. He agreed
and thanked us again. He's very cool and hopefully he will have a good
influence on Selina. Maybe they can get baptized on the same day!! :)

Moddestine is a recent convert who is just so cute. She's got the best
heart I think I've met out here. She just really wants to do what's
right. She and her 4 year old son Levi live with her mom. Her mom is
not the nicest, and she told us that she really wants to get her own
place. We talked about ways you can invite the spirit into a home and
she told us she has tried, but it's really hard because of her mom. We
talked to her about doing scripture study and prayer every night with
Levi and family home evenings once a week. We also reminded her that
the spirit can at least reside in her room if it can't be in the whole
house all the time. She said she's trying really hard to get the
spirit in her room by hanging pictures of Jesus and such. She also
said she framed the family proclamation we gave her. We had also given
her another one and asked her to share it with someone. She told us
she had given it to her nonmember sister and that her sister had
framed it as well!

We had set a goal for today to teach 3 lessons. By the end of tonight,
we had only taught 2. We wanted to reach our goal, but I was feeling a
little sick, and I really wanted to get Sister Vassau back home
because she was feeling super sick. But I asked her if she wanted to
go home, and she said that we should tract the floor we were on to
reach our goal. A few seconds later, a girl came out of the elevator
and walked past us to her apartment. We asked her if she knew any of
her neighbors, and she said she did know a few, but we ended up
teaching her. We started by showing her "Because of Him" and she
really liked it. She said her family might be interested and that we
could stop by again sometime to see them. She has 5 siblings and she's
13. We felt we could go home and rest now that we had reached our

The church is so true. The Book of Mormon is true and is convincing
evidence of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the
prophet Joseph Smith. If you haven't read it, read it!! Read it daily!
Even if it's just a little! It's the best book ever and it will help
you through any situation you may be in. It is the Iron Rod that will
lead us to eternal life! Love you all! Keep the weekly miracles
coming! I love hearing about them! I love you all! Have an awesome

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