March 16, 2016


Hi! Ah man weeks go back so fast here. Especially in the
city...Everyones is so fast pace. Tid bits of miracles happening this
week as we share the beautiful video #Hallelujah. One was on the
subway. A sweet man offered us his seat. Then later at the bus stop we
smiled and waved to him. As we hopped on the same bus I knew we had to
stop to share this video with him. Robert is this tender Puerta Rican
who was so moved by the video. He said, "you will most likely see me at
church on Sunday!" :) Oh, he was cute. That was such a small and simple
act of kindness and it led to another good thing. I went on a fun
split with Sister Heeder, (Sister Training Leaders/ China town sister)
we live with. We street contacted outside of Columbia, which is
actually just right outside our area.  We shared Hallelujah in all different
ways on the subways. We have these amazing speakers we just play 
the video and give our iPads to people to hold. Haha It's perfect. 
Everyone is on their phones anyways these days!

Things are going so good with Sandra and Daniel. Sandra just keeps
fighting for their family to stay together. We were over in their home
on Monday after a few weeks of not having lessons. She gets so tired
after work. Together they prayed about a baptism date and came up with
April 15th. She understands she needs to put more effort into coming
to church Sunday she just is exhausted after a long week of work and
so she is trying to get everything done on Saturday to be able to be
there. She found the solution to her own problem! Their hearts are so
good. Daniel is the most tender human. Love that boy. They are so
ready. Sandra is just trying to cut coffee and some other things out
of her life. We introduced her to the addiction 12 step program from
the church and she was really excited about that. Many people could
really benefit from that program here. Sister Staley and I have even
thought about going through it with her, and Melissa!

Missions are really great at showing you everything you're good at and
a lot more of what you're not good at, I feel at least. I feel tender
feelings for my Savior. I have felt this week that Jesus Christ has
before felt my pains. I heard something this week that was how God
loves broken things. Jesus Christ fixes broken things. There are many
things I think I can fix on my own or figure out all by myself, I
don't need any help... but missions/life always reminds us, that Is
not the case! We can't do it alone!! We don't have to. I know Jesus
Christ is my Savior and the Redeemer of the world.

I was able to be in the temple today and I'm grateful for the
covenants we make in the temple. I just feel so much love there!!!
Everything is OKAY. Just go to the temple. Stay worthy and righteous
for those good good blessings!! We need those blessings in our homes!

Sister Vassau

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