March 23, 2016

Such a GREAT Week!

Here is my week!!! (Sorry it's long) read it all if you will!!!

There was an African American Genealogy Conference at the Harlem
chapel that we helped out with on Friday. We found someone on the
street that came so that was pretty cool.

Sunday night we didn't reach our goal we set to have members to come
to lessons so the Elders gave us this girl Elizabeth and we found out
there was a member in her building so thankfully she comes with us
right before and Elizabeth is the most prepared person and wants
to get baptized and the member wa a perfect match for her
because she is a convert too. It was the coolest.

So do you remember the huge bouncer I told you about?  We went 
to his moms funeral. Well this is really sad news, but he passed 
away last week. We went to his families little viewing and showed 
our support. This is really sad, but it's cool he was able to learn about 
the gospel right before this all happened. We were able to give 
Hallelujah cards to one of his cousins who passed
them out to a lot of the families. He is with his mom now!

We had such a happy, spirit filled lesson with Marie-France last
night. I was with sister Terry. We showed her Peter walking on water
and she was so cute. Hahaha she was like getting all tight and
giggling because she didn't want Peter to fall. Haha we talked about
doubts, fears, all those good things we feel. We read 2 Nephi 31:
10-12 with her, talked about baptism and prayed with her on our kneels
about the date of April 9th. She's the most ready person. She was so
cute. Ah she said the prayer. They're long and she says them in
Creole. All I could understand was she asked for faith like 3 times.
For some reason that woman thinks she lacks faith.

We had zone study & interviews with President this week. He just
really cares for each of us. I love him for his love and the spirit he
always has to council with us. A few things he says often. Don't
settle for average!!!! Raise your vision! It's the small and simple
things that bring you to Christ and the small things that take you

Something I love about my mission is the culture. Understanding values
and the way people have been raised back in their own countries and
learning from them! There are some values I hope to look past, haha
(so many...)  but there are such faithful and loving people all over
the world who come to Harlem. So I feel like I see a lot of different
side to people... (Sometimes scary) ask me about one that happened
this week one day..... One example of this is Sister Benson who is a
less active we have found this week, which I don't know why she is
less active, she's absolutely amazing and her heart is gold. She is
from Liberia and has been through her own heart aches and challenges
like loosing her best friend/ dad and having miscarriages. She has
taken on the role to be a mom to other children. She is a nanny for
members of the church all over New York. Everyone loves her and wants
her to work for them full time. Right now she is working up in
Connecticut. She had us over for dinner this week and showed us all
her kids. Her favorite aspect of the gospel is love. I can actually
relate to her on that one. Love is my motive. She has been through the
temple and wants help to get back there soon so she'll have to figure
out the work part. I love her. She was so kind to us! I want her to
make it back there. This week I have had a lot of thoughts about my
motive for being on a mission. Everyone has to have motivation for
their goals. Obviously the temple can be our biggest motive and goal
for our life. Each person comes on a mission for various different
reasons, and I have asked myself again, what was that reason? For me I
love Jesus. I feel a great love for Gods children and KNOW the gospel
can make all who live it truly happy.. But for me, I want to serve
because I know that full-time service can help me be the best person,
mom, and wife I can be. I know the veil is thin for our loved ones,
before and after. I have seen my mission put me through challenges
already that i wouldn't exactly envision for myself, but that I know
Heavenly Father needs me to feel and experience for a reason. I am
grateful I can put my life and goals in his hands.

We have found 6 new less actives in the past few weeks. In Harlem--
I have found a love for working with less actives. There is a
pattern of people being too busy with work or lazy to come to church.
I have found that super frustrating, but it is only building my
testimony that when we keep the commandments we are blessed in all
things. What's important to us is important to God and when we do what
he asks he will provide in other areas of our life. We went to go look
up a vernice and it was so cool because when we came to the building a
boy walked in with us.. He was a darker shorter man with Down
Syndrome. He walked to the same door we were going to. He knocked
three times and no answer.. Obviously we were there to show him the
Easter initiative. He silently watched it and I couldn't help but
think he was special and that through Jesus Christ he can find new
life some day. All will be made perfect through Christ. Then!! Vernice
opens the door. We sit down and can feel the pain she is going
through. I feel that most people go through really hard things here..
And they aren't truy happy to me. We asked her if there is something
we can pray for and she told us her daughter and granddaughter. Tears
just filled her eyes and through that prayer she just cried. Ah. She
hugged me and told me I have a really good spirit about me. It made
me really happy.

Sorry this email is a bunch of words and getting sooo long. A lot just
happened this week. It was so good!!

I love you guys. Have a good week and go outside. So many beautiful
things to see and feel.

Love, Sister McKell Vassau!

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