March 2, 2016

Park and Jos ENGAGED!



I am so happy for the both of you and for myself, of course:) 
One more sister and friend in my life for forever. Jos, you are loved and I am
ecstatic to have you as an addition to our family. You bring so much
light to all our lives. Happy engagement! I love you both so much.
Secondly, Happy Birthday Dad :) I love you. You are the greatest human
in my eyes.

A few things have been on my mind this morning. I feel like life is
FULL OF DIFFICULTIES. but I am so grateful to step back and know of
the plan. It all leads to Joy. And part of that is finding joy on the way. 
This is the message of the Gospel being shared on the streets, subways, 
mostly projects of Harlem. I read a couple scriptures on Patience 
this morning. How can we find joy in patience?
I struggle so much with patience!!! Some of my favorite verses on my
mission have been of the sons of Mosiah. (17:30-31) Sister Staley and
I decided we are doing some major seed planting here in Harlem. We are
usually the first /second contact with the people we meet with the
church. We try to make it a good one:)

We finally met with our sweet Marie-France this week!!! The doctors
call her a miracle. He'd say "you are my miracle" She told us the full
story of how everything happened as it was told to her because she
doesn't have memory of anything from when she was rushed to the
hospital. I was in my seat and Ahhhh! she was sitting there with us
laughing and spending time together.  She has been able to see that life
is fragile and that we must treasure relationships. That is one thing
about her that I have always felt. People all over the world have a
love for Marie-France because she makes everyone feel so loved and
special. People were praying all over the world, especially in the 24
hour time period they gave her to live. Now she knows prayers are
heard. She is a witness of that. God is so good! Her heart was at 7%
and for ten minutes she was gone until one last try to get her heart
back and she came back. It feels good to talk with her again and teach
her about what Gods plan is for her life.

We met this way awesome girl from tracting last week and we've taught
her a couple times and she came to church on Sunday. Well in Sacrament
meeting she saw one of the members we've had planned in our schedule
to get to know and she said she grew up with her. She knew her mom who
passed away. So cool. Well Melissa sat through all of church ... We
aren't sure what she thought. She kept making sighs like the meetings
were way long. But Melissa came again!! Also, we met a less
active who wants to come back. She cried with us and told us she left
and no one reached out to her. Baby steps.

Last person... who is fabulous - is our sweet Rhonda and her daughter/ aid
Diane. A week before requesting a Bible/ Book of Mormon she met a
Mormon. They are your typical baptist gals. The first time we talked
with them about the Restoration, Diane stood up and waved her hands up
and you know what they do..... Then the second time!! Completely
different. They read and had all these questions and put circles all
around the celestial kingdom. Then Diane stood and said "I want to go
to the terrestrial kingdom...!!! " You mean Celestial! Haha "Yes, That
one!!" I love baptist woman. They have a true honest desire and real

I know that peace is there when we need it and I find my peace in the
Book of Mormon and prayer each morning and night. I know Jesus Christ
is our Savior. He will never leave us comfortless.

Love, Sister Vassau

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