April 6, 2016

So great are the Blessings!

My dearest family and friends!

I loved General Conference!! We watched most sessions at the chapel in Harlem. There is a difference in watching it in a church building. There's a different reverence. It's a little different than cuddled up in a blanket. However, I had the two CUTEST little girls come sit by me. Whenever I see them at church I die. Haha I would take them with me if I could.  They kept making me laugh singing Hallelujah and putting together my plan of salvation illustrations. Also, Marie-France came, not the other 100+ people we invited but I'm sure they watched it online right? :) I had a lot of feelings and people come to mind from many of the talks, 
My favorite was Elder Hallstrom's on the simplicity and basic doctrine that
God is our Loving Father and each of us His children. Do we know it in our mind, in our heart, and our soul? I feel I still can learn more about the true nature of God and conference confirmed to me that I need to have a more absolute trust in Him.

 "You can have what you want or you can have something better." 

I also loved Dieter F Uchtdorf's talk about lost sheep. He knows when we are lost. He will find us. Transformation will begin with obedience-- "obedience is the process by which we discover what we are truly made of."
Last quote I loved from Jeffery Holland, because he is a special man to this mission. 


After P-day last week Sister Staley and I had one of the coolest lessons with this girl
named Emani. We found her while prayerfully tracting her floor. She is a young twenty year old mom of a little boy, who also works and goes to school. She is so real and sincere, it's refreshing. She wants to get baptized really bad, but right now she doesn't care which church it is. We asked her why she wants to and she told us of the guilt from her past that she wants to get rid of.  So we had a set appointment with her, but when we knocked her door her moms boyfriend told us we were not sharing anything there. A few minutes later Emani answered her phone and told us she just barely got home! We came in sat down and taught her until 20 minutes later her mom gets home and tells us to rudely leave.. This is always awkward... Emani kindly and very maturely told her mom she was acting very rude and that she is 20 years old with a kid and pays for most her things...  So Emani said, we will take our lesson into the hall. So in the dirty project building hall way we had this lesson with every distraction you'd see in a project building, Emani just listened. The spirit was there! I will never forget that. Emani standing up for what she felt because she knew we were representatives of Jesus Christ.

Each week comes new challenges in this area, but SO GREAT ARE THE BLESSINGS OF THE LORD UPON US. Sandra is really going through so much. We sat with her this past week and she just cried. She is feeling so much pain. We listened to her and she expressed to us how she has never met people who she feels actually feel her pains with her.. She told me she "fell in love with me from when she fist met me." We reminded Sandra we are literally representative of Jesus Christ. That is why we come when she is at her worst points. I know it's the inspiration that comes from a loving parent.. He is our Loving Father in Heaven and he AIDS to our needs and sends us relief. Elizabeth, our new investigator also experiences huge health problems and can't handle pains in her throat and the hole in her stomach. It's really sad so we brought her juice and muffins this week. Marie-France has been distant. We just keep praying. 

I read this quote this morning and I wanted to share it because it echoes what our Prophet and Apostles spoke to us about.  

 "Our daily discipleship will determine our eternal destiny." 

I know with everything that this in fact is true. If you have any doubts, confusion, or are struggling with something turn to the Book of Mormon. Prayerfully read it daily. 

So transfers are in one more week!! We realized last night that this is a 7 week transfer.. Haha So I get to stay in Harlem for at least one more week. I'm happy about that.
Much love,

Have a joyful week. 

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