April 20, 2016

Hello Union Square!


I have a lot of exciting news for you all. We had a great week in
Harlem! One I will remember!! The highlight. An Evening of Praise. Oh
my goodness it was so great. The gospel music was amazing. AND! Our
Baptist investigator came and loved it so much. Haha she was naturally
in her element. She was raising her hands in the air and lovin every
minute. I thought that was so cool how we could come together on two
different levels and have a common ground. She is excited for us to
keep coming over and who knows!

I have just felt super humbled this week with everything that has been
going on.Yesterday I said bye to Harlem. I had a lot of mixed feelings leaving.
I really grew a lot in Harlem.  It's incredible the feelings I have as
I leave that area and Sister Staley. There is a feeling of deep love
for her sweet soul. Sweetest companion. She is getting a little
Philipino who is just arriving to New York from the Philipians and has
been waiting on her visa. Pray for her. I'm sure she will do great.
I am being transferred to Union Square (42nd St. down 5th over on the West.)
(TriBeCa, Financial district, Chelsea, West Village, Washington Sq.
Park.) all those cool places. Our apartment is in China Town. I'm a
little worried about all the treats here. My new Companion is Sister
Hart. She is twenty-one from Alpine (has me thinking of Sister
Eastman). She is very cool. She came out with Sister Staley and is
already very great with people. I will learn a lot from her!

The area is extremely different then Harlem. The work is
slower, which to me sounds crazy for how many people are in this city,
so I am  trying to figure it all out right now. Right now we have I
one solid investigator. Compared to running around in
Harlem and feeling like there were so many who were ready. The Sisters
do A LOT of finding here. Finding in very creative ways. Working with
members. Yesterday we had our transfers (they've been changed to
Tuesday's) and I met three members, all amazing people. Helped one
clean her home, another, we walked her dog Gramercy. Gramercy is a
good little missionary. We went to the dog park so we could talk to
people there, then we had dinner with such a special family that live
right on Wall St.

Oh and best of all!! The most amazing cousin, Kelsi Kimball, lives in
this area!

As we stood waiting for the bus yesterday. We said hi to an older
woman who was campaigning for politics. She asked us if we knew her
and then we tried to rear off the subject of politics. She was not
warm with us and told us there is a lot more to life than what we are
doing... And that I will not love all people when I am her age.... I
thought this was so weird and It hasn't left my mind, because this is
life. The gospel has everything to do about our plan here. I think
people are so confused and harder to share this happy message with
down here in Union Square. They don't see that there is a need for
anything more in their lives. I feel it such a blessing that we have
the full gospel and personal revelation to guide our lives. I just
feel.. What the world needs is not more scholars and technology, but
righteousness and meekness!!

The gospel is Happiness and I pray I can bring that into the lives of
others here, even if it's just by seeing a light that I have. I have
thought a lot before and as I have been here about just being TRUE.
True & Sincere in all things. With who I am personally and as a
representative of Jesus Christ. Treating others and doing as Christ
would. I love the Gospel! I love my family! I love my church! I love Union
Square! Love it all!

Hopefully next week I will have some more good stories and miracles to
tell you about. Pray for experiences to share the gospel & pray for us that 
people's hearts will be soft and ready to hear it!!

Love you, Sister McKell Vassau

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