June 1, 2016

Lucy's Baptism and First American Pie

This week was a dream. Everything about it was beautiful and so
lovely! I'm so grateful for how special Lucinda's baptism was.
Although many ward members were away or at the beach for Memorial Day
weekend, it ended up being small and intimate! The bishopric worked
with us to make sure Lucinda would have a great  experience. I will
tell you a few of the special moments. The spirit was so strong. The
talks were well thought out and specialized for Lucinda. We had a
young women named London (16) give a talk. The bishops sons Merrick
(7) gave a prayer. Our less-active Sister Hemkin played the piano and
then also Vanessa who we've been working with showed up! We taught the
Restoration and the spirit was so great. I love teaching the
Restoration and I know that the priesthood is on the earth. I know
that power is so real. I have a very strong testimony in that power
from experiences I've had pre-mission with blessings I've received and
on my mission with blessings that have been so crucial to how I'm
feeling. We shared a short Restoration with Lucinda before her
baptism. She is a very thankful person. She wrote out a script she
read after that was the most heart felt and sincere thank you to the
ward, the whole Mormon community, and the missionaries. It's so cool
to see someone like her with so much going for her in so many areas of
her life yet so touched and converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
That's good for everyone to see and be reminded of the promises. She
said she's felt she has always been Mormon. We were able to take a lot
of pictures for her mom to see, who is in Australia and so happy for
her. We're so happy she decided to follow Christ's example to be

Then, Sunday! One whole year since I gave my farewell talk.. Lucinda
received the gift of the Holy Ghost which was so sweet. As I listened
to the blessings for Lucinda, her Heavenly Fathers love for her, and
the specific promises of the Holy Ghost it reminded me of Heavenly
Fathers love and promises to me and all who Keep His Commandments. I
gave a talk about the power of having inner stillness, which went so
well! (Phew)
Lucinda specifically told me how she got so much from my talk and she
really enjoyed it. She is so sweet. Monday night the Murdoch's invited
Lucinda over for a dinner. They live on Wall St. and he works at
Goldman so they know similar people. The thing about Lucy is she asks
so many questions and wants to know everything about everything which
we're all still trying to figure out so we talked about the Gospel of
Jesus Christ (enduring to the end) and what now. Also all about
temple, family history, the priesthood. Ect. We have these new family
history & temples pamphlets that are super cool and have pretty
pictures of inside and outside of temples. Also, Lucy had her first
American pie!!! We had Thai and the best treat. Members are so kind
Tuesday we had a technology meeting. I am so grateful to be serving in
a mission with technology for many reasons. it is such a tool to bring
the spirit. i am able to develop these holy habits for using an iPad.
Like for example, my companion should always be able to see my screen.
if we all had someone by us, looking at what we were doing, would it
be something good and uplifting? it teaches us that we are the masters
of these devices, the best filter is the Holy Ghost, what really is my
purpose, what is my plan if I'm feeling tempted, and how can I use it
to bring others to Christ. That is why we have them.

Last miracle. It was huge. So we walk Gramercy the dog yesterday and
we begin talking to this one girl at the dog park, Andrea. Sister Hart
starts talking to this other man, which was also an amazing
conversation. I find out quickly Andrea has been taught by
missionaries before in Cali while she was working at Disney, almost
was baptized, took a step back because she may or may not have had a
slight crush on an Elder... Well in Florida she would also attend
church. She moved here a year ago and I'm pretty sure that we were her
first missionaries since to talk with her. she told me her life story
about her ex- boyfriend. (Ha. the boyfriend stories) She is so great!
Has the greatest feeling about her.  She does want to come to the
church again and she was familiar with activities that go on through
out the week, like fhe. I feel like there are specific people in front
of us and in places we go for a very obvious reason.

OH YA. And Sister Hart and I are staying together again. :):)
She is a great human. She has a maturity that I am super thankful for.
She understands the gospel and has a lot of knowledge which I feel is
such power. I feel like we are great for each other and she helps me
be a more bold person which has been a struggle all my life/mission,
but hey I feel so happy lately and I know every blessing, every
strength I feel has directly come from my asking and trying myself.
Heavenly Father loves us and through Christ we can become.

I love ya
Xo, Sister McKell Vassau

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