June 14, 2016

June 14, 2016

I have a lot of cool things to share. I hope you find them interesting!!! 
So!! First on my list of funny and amazing. We were alone in an elevator with Martha Stewart and we told her we are representatives of Jesus Christ, asked her about her kids & grandchildren, and mentioned that we deliver free copies of Book of Mormon's. Also, complimented Martha on her cute blue blouse which I'm sure made her feel so good. This is NOT A JOKE. 
It was the second time we went to her massive office building bc a media referral but Martha told us we could come on her elevator instead ;) we walked away having slight regrets bc we wanted to tell her THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE YOU WILL EVER HEAR but then I just told sister hart all the good things we did right about asking her about what's important to her. we said all the right things to just gently prick her heart and I'm sure she'll order a Book of Mormon any day now.. 

So we had an APF in Columbus Sq. giving out Book of Mormons Saturday and every time we do things like this it really makes me realize how many have no clue, have no idea about what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about! 
After we gave out Book of Mormons and talked to people we were walking back to the temple and we walked past a girl crying and upset about something so once we walked past the spirit nugged us to go back.  so we go back and ask her if we can help her. we gave her a big hug and she said everything will be okay. 
I have just thought about that this week and my first thought to not stop and how I could be here, sharing the message about the Book of Mormon, but until I "mourn with those that mourn, comfort those that stand in need of comfort," (Mosiah 18:9) and do the little things to serve day by day, what I'm doing won't really matter. If we have not charity we are NOTHING. 

 This is a fun thing. There is a restaurant in Little Italy called Falinies where the Mormon tabernacle choir goes when they come to ny. We got a referral from someone sister hart knows that stays connected with the man who owns it, Big Joe. He is this big sweet Italian. He has a Book of Mormon, big family, and lots of fun employees. We had dinner because we promised him we'd come back and our waiter just treated us!! we even thought they were so kind they were going to pay for our whole meal. They didn't.. Bummer but the waiter was telling us about his acting career then had the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to sister hart..??
ha ha (it's not sister hart's bday) 

We have an investigator named Irene who's been taught for a while. Lives in the projects and is very lazy, which is hard. Also, SUPER touchy. She's interesting but i am starting to love her.  if you can image, we have lists and lists of people here it's just figuring out who actually still lives here and who is not against religion completely. I went on a split in sister eastman's old area in morning side w/ sister Johnson! I miss herrrr. 

We had a service at visions the other day. A volunteer named Oliver told us he is going to give us a Google tour. He has never in his life had a religious influence so he is interested to hear about our beliefs. And that's like the one building I've really wanted to go into. 

Visions is for the Blind so we often walk with them and lead them to where they need to be.  this one woman held onto me this past week. she relied on me to guide her each step... Afterwards hugging && kissing me. I have felt the exact same way the past few days with the Savior. I can get around just fine sometimes without any help, but how much better I feel when I walk with him.  I've felt this inner struggle recently and there is no reason I have to go through these things alone.  Christ invites us to "Walk with Him." 

" Enoch was called to preach the gospel to a difficult, hard-hearted people. He did not feel qualified. He had doubts about whether he could do it. The Lord calmed his doubts and strengthened his faith through the invitation “Walk with me”--an invitation that, like a blind man’s cane or a friend’s arm, can guide the footsteps of one whose step is not sure. By taking the Savior’s arm and walking with Him, Enoch found that his step became firm and he became a great missionary and a prophet."

Life is good. I love the sacredness of my calling! I'm grateful for my Savior and that he understands me completely. 

have a good week. 

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