June 22, 2016

June 22, 2016


t was a beautiful and toasty week in the city.  A week of growth!
There are some days  I feel such a love for the city. I think there is
so much of both, the good && the bad. I think I've just realized it's
all about what you see in it. You can be positive about it or you can
focus on the trash, the loud people, and the smells. When you look up,
you see so much more beauty! very cool buildings & so much more. I
have thought about that with an experience I had Sunday when walking
down the street and feeling all the feelings we as mortals feel of
struggling. (Ya know the feeling when you're just overwhelmed with
We have a choice daily to be happy and look for the beauty.
We don't have to be nieve about the struggles & trials that come with
life, but we are literally placed on this earth to have joy.

I stopped in the street and cried for a minute (lol) & then I felt
peace, which doesn't always take away struggling. I think Heavenly
Father's plan is for us to struggle,
cry a little, laugh a little. place others around us to help us &
listen to us. sister hart.
I'm so happy to be here! Oh so happy! I have felt extremely happy &
grateful this week.  I just hate my own trials. but I'm so grateful
for a Heavenly Father that knows me, cares about the little things I
care about, helps me see the beauty in life, In midst of hardships and

I feel like this is the same lesson I'll remind myself six months from
now. Life
is filled with so many choices. Happiness is part of it. which is why
the plan of happiness has become so much more meaningful to me.

I have discovered a strength!
As we were street contacting this week, when we went into it humble &
prayerful, i was able to recognize the spirit's gentle thoughts to go
talk to some specific people and it was a good experience. One was by
9/11 and was a family from Columbia. The spirit is already there in
that area. We began talking about the peace we felt with them and
about what brings them peace. We talked to a good handful of people in
battery park city. More people were open to listen than say no. we
found some who were ready to receive us! The spirit works in such
settle ways and I'm trying to point it out amongst the noise and
1,677,938 people. There are so many tourists here!!!

Oliver Vidinovski took us on a tour of Google. It is insane. I would
love working there!!! It's like an adult playground. Every floor is
designed differently and everything is free. He got us lunch and then
we taught him about The Book of Mormon a little & the plan of
Salvation. He is so kind & was so excited to show us it all. I will
always remember just what a genuine and nice guy he was. He believes
in service. I hope we will get to see him again, and go back to Google

We also had a cool night with members where 7 of her kids kept coming
home. By the time most were there we taught them the restoration which
we've been doing. The older boys don't come to church anymore but is
was like an ideal situation because they were asking us how they can
tell their friends about being Mormon and we were able to find out why
they don't come.... a girlfriend & little things. They told us their
desire to be there & feel the blessings from it again.

So ya. Lots of good things!
This week we get to go to the temple with a member we are working with
so that will be great and then we have zone studies/ interviews and
lots of other great things. I have to go!!! Have a lovely week!

Love, Sister Vassau

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