June 29, 2016

June 29, 2016

New York this week was lively & colorful, if you know what I mean. lol!  We were able to talk to so many people!! There are people absolutely everywhere.  I have mixed feelings about it!  So I've been thinking about BEING PRESENT lately && feeling more inner joy from that.  I feel like I have the ability to see people on the subway, but sometimes I don't and it's especially hard to tune out distractions inside my head & all around.  So I've made it a goal to notice details. Smile more. Notice people & think about their lives!  Remembering how each is a beloved spirit son & daughter of God!  we've been able to meet just such good people.  I've felt the power of a sincere conversation with someone on the subway. 

I feel each point in my life I have understood the Atonement differently. 
I came to know Christ more this week by understanding that lasting change can only come through the Atonement.  Only way of changing is by trying and doing, which is super uncomfortable. especially awkward sometimes. Ha ha then we can find comfort in him then helping us where we are weak.   We had a zone study with President which I felt was inspired for us city missionaries on just remembering our best is different that other people's best. Our best changes from day to day.   We are agents for change!  We have that power to effect people's lives. 
Since zone study, I read in alma 15 about zeezrom. Zeezrom experienced this change we talked about. " his heart began to take courage " 
I love focusing on lasting change through the atonement. It wasn't until he TOOK COURAGE did he experience change. I am experiencing change in my life right now. I am also learning a lot about COURAGE. Courage is DOING, action/faith. 
Talking to people, doing hard things, feeling the fruits of those labors!! 

Went to the temple with Maria Saturday. Other members were there as well to support. She's funny. Irene came to church and we saw her yesterday and she said she totally felt different this time & is listening to the Book of Mormon a lot more. she's so motherly. With time and some faith she can know. we had dinner with awesome members who treat us well! We went to visions && taught a family who have a cool story. I will share more once we meet with them again. Clayton productions was there from Utah and we felt like celebrities. everyone was like LOOK THE MISSIONARIES!! We had a way cool lesson with Henry who works security last night. We just are able to talk to people everywhere we go and share more about the book of Mormon& restoration so I would never be able to share them all. 
You would all be bored. but thanks for reading my emails :) 

Take courage In knowing God loves you!!!! 
I love you!! Sister Kell Vassau ;) 

Hope summer is going well for everyone! 

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