May 29, 2016

June 8, 2016


Well, emails are becoming so hard for me to write. We had a great
week! Elder Bennet, a General of the seventy came to our mission and
we had a meeting all day yesterday with the China Town, Harlem, and
South Manhattan zones. Wow, it was a special and sacred experience!
The spirit truly spoke to my heart that he is a man called by a
prophet of God. The Holy Ghost also confirmed to me the he has
specific instruction for our mission, the New York New York North
He started by testifying of our pre-existence with our Father in
Heaven..  "You were assigned here, along with your mission Presidents
before you were born." (He also said if he knew the Smiths before he
would be pleading and praying to have them. He is the best mission
president in the world. I did hear those words!) YOU love truth. YOU
were valiant.

When I got my call to come to New York all I really could think of was
my love for big cities and shopping and big dreams and the temple. Now
that I am here, I know that Manhattan is not a dream for me everyday
but being a representative of Jesus Christ is such a sacred and
important calling and I can have more power than the 1,094847363
people here. "You have more authority than any King or Queen." I have
felt this power in my life by helping people. However, this power does
not come if we don't use our agency for good, because spiritual
cleanliness is power.
I also didn't realize until coming here how uncomfortable, scary, and
intimidating it can be sometimes to do things. (Like sometimes I don't
want to talk to people. It makes me tired!!) I do know those little
things we do, give us power and I have felt it.  Elder Bennet talked
about doing those things because that's where growth comes and to not
be excuse or fear driven, like he was on his mission. He later learned
on his mission the power of his calling and was a mission president.
He proposed to his wife 4 times before she said yes!!!! Haha. He was
persistent and these things developed because of his mission.

My favorite thing and it's something I have thought about all week now
is DESIRE. What do you desire most? Are you praying for those things
I was reading this week in my studies in alma 39-42 and Enos and felt
so strongly how important it is that are desires are righteous before
the Lord. I have studied on diligence and how it comes when we wrestle
before the Lord with clear specific questions. Also by creating good
habits and being persistant. Repentance is a big part in this pattern
of diligence. Then comes peace and we can trust.

I have such a testimony in the restored Gospel and in a literal Father
in Heaven who loves us deeply. This path is the only way to joy and
living with our families forever. Those are simple truths I hold dear.

I love you all. I will share some more miracles next week! We did lots
of contacting. Our contacting goal as a district is 135 a week and we
are trying to figure out the best things. My favorite is the service
we do and the people in those service projects who want to know who we
are and where we can share a message of the Book of Mormon and testify
of it.


Xx, Sister Vassau

Buying fabric at Mood project runway style for our dresses a member
is making for us bc New York is too i'm going to look like a
tomato.. we ran into this random girl before who just moved here doing

interior design who thought we were pretty fun. ;)

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