May 11, 2016

May 11, 2016 - 11 Months

That Mother's Day call was amazing to me. It was just what I needed!
So happy to see that everyone is happy and doing so well. We
celebrated moms by taking people's pictures in Central Park (Bethesda
fountains) and Columbus Circle with our Mother's Day board. I felt
like I was in Italy over here. Spring time in the city is so pretty.
I added some flowers to the pasteboard, put my touch on it. We took so many 
pictures!!! Everyone loved it! Met people traveling from all over the world who

can now remember that lovely interaction with missionaries. That was
happy to see the reaction of so many who'd say you made our day and
hopefully their moms too.

Wow. So we have an investigator named Lucinda who I finally met. She
is soooo great. we set a baptismal date with her for May 21st. We
would love prayers her way! Lucinda heard a lot about the church once
she came here to live from Australia. She saw all the church media in
times Square and was a self referral. She works at Golman. She's super
stressed right now at work, she barely has time to come to church
lately, but she is awesome. She reads conference talks all the time
and she has even gotten her mom back home reading them. When we met
with her Saturday she told us NO WAY can she come to church she has so
much work that's been thrown on her, but we promised everything would
flow smoothly if she came and she would get everything done that she
needed and she could get a priesthood blessing... And she came!  Right
before church Bishop Annett gave her a beautiful blessing. He thought
she was a member when he gave the blessing.  He just saw such a light
of Christ in her. She has a really great countenance.

I was on a split yesterday with Sister Lefler. She is in the area
above us so we had a great day together. We did free Book of Mormon
art tours in the morning at the temple. The temple has this beautiful
art exhibit right now with art from Walter Rein. (In the bishopric in
Harlem) IT'S BEAUTIFUL. Wish you could be here to see it.

One of our ways of finding is by going into treat shops and bakeries
and talking to the employees. We walked around West Village yesterday
(major heart eyes) and taught 5 people about the Book of Mormon or 4
minute Restoration!! It was so effective!! One man named Jeremy that
we've been back to a couple times and he's a single dad of 4, lives in
Connecticut, and is wanting to read the Book of Mormon... So many good
treats. Oh my gosh. Also, we went running this morning because we are
right next to the water in China town and it's the most beautiful
sight to see. The Brooklyn bridge and Manhattan bridge are right
there. Dreamy!! Sometimes I feel like I'm on a long mission trip with
all these cool sights to see and yet, I get to feel the spirit and
share happiness by being the Lords servant.


I've been thinking about obedience lately. Always room to be more exact.
I liked this quote-- "Obedience is the lifeblood of faith. It is by
obedience that we gather light into our souls."

Happy May. Xx
Sister Vassau

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