May 4, 2016

Park and Jos Wedding Week


So many great thoughts this week! Let's see! This week there was really good days with some frustrating moments mixed in there. 

My favorite thing about this week was taking the sacrament. More than anything, that time has become so special to me! I need it, oh do I need it. It just felt good and I had a more spiritual experience as I prepared to take it. I don't think I could go week to week as a missionary if it wasn't for those 15 minutes. I love the Savior and that time to think about how he can help me & what he's done already for me and each of us. 

So I shared my testimony in church (takes all of me to do that sometimes) especially when everyone is so new. I went throughout the day and I felt all these negative feelings and did not feel the spirit after church riding on the subway and such. The worst! How does that happen? So I've thought so much in the last two days about how much we have to fight for our testimonies. Never has it been easy to have one. Monday we met with a less active member who just is facing so much opposition. She is still reading and praying, but she doesn't see how she is going to come back to church based on some of the people and experiences she's had. I though about it and what I would do if I went through similar experiences. She is still doing the things she is suppose to and took the sacrament this week. We read this verse yesterday in a zone meeting as we sat in the chapel thinking about what the sacrament and our covenants mean to us. 3 Nephi 18:10-14 

I want to live the doctrine of Christ even if things get hard!! 
I WILL ALWAYS READ, PRAY, TAKE THE SACRAMENT because I know the church is true and pure. Heavenly Fathers promised blessings are so real when we do our part. He will not fail us.

Now from what I remember about this week: 

-Good deed dares: we came up with this idea. We made cards with all kinds of good deeds we "dared" people to do. Set it up at Morning Side Park. 
-Garrett's popcorn: so we have this boy named Anthony we teach @ Garrett's. We've been helping him understand prayer and how to understand the spirit. He gives us free popcorn. It's killer.   People just give us free food here, ALL THE TIME!! It's so bad!!!! I am so watching my calorie intake, even though I know I need to enjoy myself. I literally could gain 20 lbs here so quick. So much good food, fun restaurants, and good members who feed us. 
-Hand scrub: LOL. So we walked past a girl handing our free soap samples yesterday and she told us she ordered a free bible or got the app and told us what a sign this was to see us! We promised her we'd bring her a Book of Mormon. She was excited. Then.... We got a free hand scrub with sample :):) 
-Last night we had dinner with a part member couple. They just got married. She works in fashion. Love her. He is from Brooklyn.  They have been trying to do prayers together and read the scriptures. He's open to the Book of Mormon and things, he just has his own beliefs. Their relationship is very cool. 
-I saw Kelsi!!! (Toes too) Their apartment. Is so cute. It's so good to have family so close by!!! 
-We helped clean a members apartment. And shared with her a thought on mothers. 
Counting the days until I get to talk to you mom!!!!! I LOVE MOMS. 

I read Behold Thy Mother by Elder Jeffrey R Holland yesterday and I was filled. (Tears, My goodness) I miss my mom! Haha I love the story of the mom who bore her sons heartbreak along with the Savior. PLEASE GO READ THIS. I thought about my mom and Julie and my grandparent and my aunts and all the sweet moms in my life who feel everything for their children.  no love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child. 
Thank you for the most loving moms who have been my examples of faithful woman who know who they are and help others see that as well. I love you all. 
Xo- Sister McKell Vassau 

 Kelsi & Toes 

 NYU campus is so pretty right now with the flowers. 

 Our APF in Morning Side Park

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