May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016

Happy Wednesday everyone,

Awesome things happened this week.
It began with Zone Conferences at the Lincoln Sq. building!
We were asked to come having practiced a 4 minute restoration. So we
did this. Video recorded ourselves which is something President wants
us to do. (Realized we are far too serious and I dread watching
myself. HA but good to do) There's is a big focus in our mission on
those New York minutes and teaching simply! I've been grateful for
this because how do you 1) get to know someone quickly 2) teach a
principle of the gospel to them 3) invite them to do something with a
promise in a 5 minute subway or contact. Things are fast here. This is
hard but it can be so natural as we share who we are and why we're

So I've had way too much sugar this week. A member took us to Harry's
last night in the financial district and ate this canoly that was the
best thing I've put in my mouth. I also feel like I'm doing well on
the walking/eating ratio.

We really do have such inspired leaders here in New York! We were
privileged to be at a training Saturday with the General RS, YW, P
presidency; Sister Lind Reeves, Sister Joy Jones, and Sister Mckonkie.
I feel like their faith and hope are in their faces and in the way
they treat others. I just felt such a spirit for the Restoration of
the Gospel through a prophet! Please read the Book of Mormon each day
as a family.
This is far more important than anything.  I also felt such a vision.
One of them said, "With increased vision brings increased motivation."
Our visions in life really do change as we change and our hearts are
opened to more truth and light. I have felt it time and time again. I
have a very different vision for my life than I did before and the
choices I make will be a lot more closely guided by the revelation I
receive. I just want to be the best self I can be. Thankfully it's a
lifelong process and it doesn't just happen over night. The Atonement
is such a real gift. It's so real that it changes us, our hearts. I
love repenting! It fills me with joy and more love!  Repenting daily
and coming unto Christ is a real life changer.

And I love doing this by taking the Sacrament. There's a special
feeling by repenting and preparing our hearts before we take the
Sacrament. Sunday we all fasted for an Elder Baldwin in our mission
and that was cool.

We had a really cool experience with a girl who goes to NYU who's mom
is taking lessons in California. We sat in Washington Sq. park with
her and taught her the Restoration and then she had great questions
and is looking forward to going back home and joining in on lessons.
Another one. We had this referral for a cleaning lady who works at the
Marriott hotel who wanted a Book of Mormon. Of course because they are
displayed so nicely. Well we've been a few times now and taught the
front desk worker instead! That has been the Lord in his work. Lucinda
will be baptized. I will keep you updated when we see her.

I love my mission. I love being companions with Sister Hart. It's been
such a blessing. Our studies each morning have been so great together.
I have been super happy lately.

I love you guys!

Xo, Sister Vassau

1. Sister Hart's photography skills
3. Rainy Day in NYC
4. This is our sweet investigator Ashley who is 16. Her birthday treat!
Secret Garden in Central Park

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