January 27, 2016

Walked Through the Blizzard

I've heard that the blizzard here was the worst one in a real long
time. I thought it was so fun!! We looked out our window in the
morning thinking it wasn't that bad... We still had appointments, but
most ended up cancelling. So we decided to walk to our church on
Lenox. We live on 116th and Pleasant. So we walked though this wild
blizzard. No taxis or trains were running. I couldn't stop laughing
because we kept singing press forward saints and I was wondering what
the heck we were doing. I was also thinking my trainee doesn't like me
right now, but she was happy and couldn't see anything. :) we got to
the church and I had icicles on my hair. Hahahaha then we did some
planning and calls and wow it was a long day of not being able to talk
to people. Later we looked up a less active and her daughter Adriana
who has not been baptized because they don't come to church. They are
so funny. Sister Staley met the funniest people this week, but that is
just every day in Harlem. I felt bad about some of the people who
stopped us on the street. Such rude and Vulgar things sometimes come
from their mouths. There are like fiery darts thrown at ya here, but I
find my self singing hymns in my head so much which is way cool. One
man did stop us and give us $20 and he didn't look like he had twenty
dollars to give. He would not let us give it back. He was sooooo cute
to us. He said it was from God.

Another crazy thing is I got us lost on the first night we were
together in the subways station and I think we were in the Bronx for a
sec. but we made it back and talked to a man who didn't understand us
at all from Africa and invited him to church. The lesson learned was
Heavenly Father helps me so much. He loves me because now I know the
area SO WELL. Easy. Everyone needs to get lost before they figure
stuff out right???  Figure life out?? Sometimes. Haha in my case yes.

This week was a hard one. And rewarding. Sandra Perez relapsed this
past week and it is really frustrating to her when she does. For us,
yes, but we understand the healing power of the atonement. She is
still morning the loss of her mom at times. Well not that that was
good but it got the whole family to come to church FINALLY. Even after
a storm. She wanted to take the sacrament. Church was combined at 1:00
for an hour.  It began with a fire alarm... Haha We had prayed so much
for them to come and the talks were about faith and failure. The best
part is Dayron who has not been in on the lessons is going to start
meeting with the elders once a week. They need your prayers! They are
wonderful people and if I haven't talked about Daniel yet. He is
special. He gives these prayers that are so incredible. He has gifts
of the spirit.

We looked up media referrals and met super cool people from that. I
love them because they request mostly Bibles but some of them are so
open. I feel like a lot of people here are super open and switch
around churches.

New York is now just a slushy mess. At first we were climbing
mountains and now it's puddles. Thankfully I followed a prompting to
buy snow boots last week. Heavenly Father is near and humbly coming
to him gives you so much added spiritual strength!!! I know this!!! He walks with us!!!

Love. Sister Kell Vassau!

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