January 21, 2016

Families are Forever

I had really meaningful experiences this week I want to share with you back home!! 
My mind has been a lot with my grandma kimball this week. 
I went to a funeral service this week that was baptist. A woman in our ward who we went to sing to a few times, Mary Barnes, passed away and she was the only member in her family. Walking into the funeral service sister Sam and I knew this would be an interesting experience to say the least. A journal entry kind of night for the Mormons girls in the room. Right before I was informed that sweet grandma was not doing well and she had only but a little time with us. 
I held back tears through that prayer. 
The meeting was a whole lot of hallelujahs and in their words "a party" 
Gospel music was sang loudly (Harlem gospel music is famous) and even a hip hop praise dance solo then a few scriptures read in the bible. 
The room was so loud I could hardly hear my own thoughts!! Or any communication coming from a loving Heavenly Father. I love Harlem. I love the religions and I love that they praised God, in all different forms. They trust in God. Good people filled the room, which showed me what kind of person Mary was. The bishop and a few others also sat by us! It felt different than any funeral I have ever been to.
I left this burning love for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!!! 

Monday came and I opened the Book of Mormon and read about the tree of life for someone named Moddestine, a recent convert. I love her!  I really love the people here in Harlem. They are special and sister Sam and I have been talking a lot about how Heavenly Father puts you with certain people at a time they need you. Everyone can do different things. I feel that sister Sam and I have been together for a couple people this transfer. Marie-France and the Perez family. I love that I can relate with others through my experiences. They have progressed so much in the time we've been together. Back to the scripture!! I read this on January 18th. 
1 Nephi 8: 12 And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit.
My study was spent looking at my families Christmas cards ( ha I do not always do that) which stand on my desk. Arriving at the chapel I knew that Heavenly Father welcomed home his daughter on her birthday! A sweet reunion. Our district meeting was on faith and we all shared tear filled testimonies on our love for our Savior's atonement. I felt the hour was comfort. It was a sweet tender mercy to me. The atonement is very real. 
It is so real it brought my troubles heart peace this week. I went back to the scripture I read in the morning about how the gospel (the atonement) is the most desirable thing one could want in this life. It is for me. Families are what matter most. The gospel blesses families. The plan of salvation answers our questions. It brings us the most peace that only He can give us. I want my family to all share this love because that is what will keep US together for time and eternity. That is why I'm here. I know trials are here as part of mortality to bring us closer to Christ. 
My prayers are with my grandpa this week and all my aunt and uncles. 
There is no sweeter joy than clinging to the Atonement. 

I know grandma is learning and blessing others around her right now!! She was given so many gift & talents and she knew how to use them. She is probably sooooooo HAPPY. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW HAPPY SHE IS:)  SO HAPPY!

             Selfies with Sister Sam. She is headed to New Rochelle. I am going to miss her! xo
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This is my new companion that I am training. Her name is Sister Stahley is from Idaho and is a dancer, also! 

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