February 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom!

                                   HEY! IT'S FEBRUARY already. My favorite month!! All about LOVE!!!

This week was GOOD. One of the best days happened earlier this week. I don't know why it was one of my favorite days on my mission, it just was!! This is what happened. Day in the life of a SISTER --> in the hood
We had two solid appointments set up with two media referrals where we taught them about the Restoration and about the Book Of Mormon. I just felt the spirit so much this day. I love when I can express sincere testimony and feel the spirit work through me. (My favorite part of missionary work) Both women were very
interested... later we taught a less active and we were so led by the spirit. I love the Holy Ghost.  It's awesome. It knows exactly what people need!! Always. I would say majority of people here just need love. They need to know there are people who are thinking of them at church & who love them. People here just need members, true friends, to keep them be accountable because us sister missionaries can't
do all the work. We would never be able to reach everyone in this city!!! It's so hard to reach people here. Whoever said missionary work here was easy was wrong!!! Most people I feel have just forgotten
about Gods love. Asking Kristina simple questions.... Like.... When was the last time you felt peace or joy... What does she think when she sees a picture of Jesus Christ holding his sheep... She couldn't even remember! HOW GREAT IS MY CALLING!!! After we had a dinner appointment. I had prayed earlier about what to share because of lack of planning. We felt inspired to share some of '"The First Great Commandment" by Elder Holland. When she read it I was shocked to see tears. We never know what people are going through. All we can do is pray to know! I love that Heavenly Father knows us and knows our
hearts -- I also am grateful he knows what we desire most in life. It seems that my righteous desires are always granted in God's unique way. Then after, we met with some of the Relief Society and worked with them about how to help this Ward.

I got to go back to Scarsdale this week for the new missionary meeting. I love going back to Scarsdale. Feels like home. My heart misses that place so much. Brought back some of my feelings at the beginning. The meeting was really powerful for me. So many feelings!! Sister Staley is awesome. She is willing to work hard and I appreciate her positivity.

Some random, but important updates! Marie-France had a heart attack this week. We have gone to see her a couple times this week. Yesterday she was able to eat as we were there, but still so weak. I've been so
worried for her, but it really is a miracle she is still with us. Which is weird because you know Briant-- I talked about, the big bouncer? He has suffered from a stroke recently as well. Scary. Got a priesthood blessing this week. Grateful for priesthood holders. Sandra & Daniel came to church again!! They have a baptismal date for Feb 20th! Media referrals. We have like 16. Yikes. People don't answer their phones!!! Ate a cookie at Lavains. They are SO good. A man gave us $20 on the street. He refused to take it back he said it was from God. Good people. We taught 2 young women on Sunday in young women's about Who we are.I am learning how life is full of midst of darkness, but to press forward through them! The more I'm in Harlem the more I love this

This is truly the Lords work. Have a great week!!

Xoxo Sister McKell Vassau

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