February 17, 2016

No Place like Harlem

Hi Everyone!

How are you all doing?? How are my cute friends at home? I love updates :) please email and I will love you forever. Thank you all for your support and prayers. My week was one with ups and downs. We were talking the other day how when there is a down or when we run into
someone who is super anti-Mormon and we feel yucky afterwards there is always something good that happens after. 

We talked to a lot of different people this week who have completely different views on life and
religion. It's so interesting! We run into a lot of Jehovah Witnesses here. One door we knocked on
was this man who just wanted to talk to us, mostly prove us wrong. I am not here to prove anyone's beliefs to be wrong!! Just share what has blessed my life! He gave us all his bible literature to take with us...Haha, we had no clue what to do with that, but as we were leaving
his apartment this boy walks out and he was kind of joking around about how he probably wouldn't change what we believe. This boy was so nice!! He was just visiting his girlfriend. He lived in Salt Lake and worked with Mormons so we had a really awesome conversation. I am learning so much from Sister Staley. She is a huge example to me. I love that she easily forgives and knows when to laugh and turn a bad situation into a good one.

So we accidentally forgot to get off at our stop to go home at night and we went to QUEENS this week!! It was horrible!! I was extremely anxious the whole time because we were out of our mission. Hahahaha my anxiety was at it's peak. it's ok though.. We made some calls and it
was A OK. We live on the boundary of our area...so we have to be extra

Something else that was very cool... we went to look this person up in this random project building. When we got there we just ended up talking to someone that worked for the army who knew a Mormon and had all these ideas of us.. like there are no black Mormons. We told him to come to church!! The Harlem 1st Ward is seriously one of the coolest and unique wards in the world. People from everywhere and there is no judgement because everyone just has
super interesting and unique challenges. Like some pretty funny things happen every week at church. I can't wait to one day share.  So in comes this member in our ward who is a black woman and she shared her bold testimony about how she loves being Mormon!!! We just stood there
nodding our head about everything she said. We went back last night to try to get her to come find someone with us and she told us her story and how her life has completely changed. COMPLETELY. Seriously, the atonement is real. Her daughter will be serving a mission soon. We told her she needs to share her experiences with people here. She was super open to coming with us to some people we are working with. There are members, like her, in our ward who are amazing! I could talk about a handful of them who have lived in Harlem their whole lives and just love the Gospel! These two woman who feed us every week Sister Dickey and Sister Watson are your true Harlem sweethearts. We are trying to bring our investigators and less actives to their dinners each week.

I love my roommates right now. They are literally the happiest human beings ever and it makes coming home at night really good. So much work here. So many names to remember. Just trying to get everyone to read, pray, come to church!! It is not an easy task. Those are the things that bring the spirit in our lives. Please don't stop doing those things. I promise they will bless you forever and ever and even eternity.

Going to see the city! BYE!!

Sister Vassau

Hope you had a good Valentine's Day 💋
GOD IS THE LOVE WITHIN US. Don't know who said that this week but I heard it and yes.
HE LOVES US. We love one another!!

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