August 5, 2015

The Scar Sisters

WOAH. Today we spent the day in Ossining for transfers! The new missionaries are here!!! We drove by them yesterday as they drove to the mission house. I was thinking.. HEY.. That was JUST me, driving to the mission home all anxious. Feels good to have a foot in now and I made sure to give all those cute sisters big hugs because I loved that about my first transfer meetings. I met sister Brecken who just got here, so cute!! We were friends on Instagram and we instantly clicked! We will for sure be close friends and email. Hopefully we can serve together at some point!! 2 Sister's in this mission graduated from Cottonwood same year as Park and Mads, which is cool. I am staying in Scarsdale with Sister Gardner, which I already knew. I need her too much. We are getting a new roomie/Hermana today so we have been like deep cleaning our place. 

Transfers-- Presidents Smith:
-"Be yourself, the Lord called YOU!" 
You can help others with the things you've been through. 
-"One day our hearts will skip a beat when we hear/see New York. Because of the love we have & relationship we will gain with the Lord. Find your Jesus!" 
-What will you do today to help someone else, what will I do today to come closer to Christ. Forget about the other things the world confuses us with. 
-" Take it up to the Lord. I'm here!! What would you have me do.  Check in with the Lord. Ask him why you are in Scarsdale. There is a reason!" 

This week was a little bit of a blur for me. 
Friday morning we saw a miracle. We drove a ways away to go look up a media referral and it was this vacant yellow building. Sister Gardner was ready to leave. This time I just felt like we need to go talk to this family that was a little ways away in the parking lot. They were half way in their car so I didn't know if we should. I had the thought a couple times so we went over. I now know I need to be way more confident with subtle promptings because BAM! The dad, Immanuel, was who we needed to talk to that day. The family was from Ghana, but lives Upstate in the Utica mission. He told us that 4 missionaries have come by to see him before. They were actually trying to see him next week because he had so many questions. He is a good man and dad, I could just tell he loves God. This man had a lot of deep questions about the church's history. Not many I could really answer. He was so nice and respectful. We just bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith. I felt really peaceful as we talked to him. I told him that I know God places us in people's paths and today it led us to him. 

Saturday we went tracting in VAHALLA! We love that place. We knocked on this door and the guy opened was different than people we usually talked to. Something felt good. We asked him inspired questions concerning prayer. At first he was totally closed off and told us he prays every night, but then slowly he began to open up more. He then told us he felt like God isn't even answering his prayers. We testified to him that God is aware of his needs and will answer his prayers! When we were about to leave he told us we were lucky he didn't tell us to buzz off like he does most people. We asked him why and he said it was because he "felt something when he opened the door." I love those moments when you truly feel like a representative of Jesus Christ. The confirmation of being where you are supposed to be is priceless! 

Sunday after lots of rejection we met sweet Susan. She was a miracle. She let us in and showed us her bird. 

Monday was a slow day. District meetings in the mornings are always really good. We discussed The Book of Mormon and how it, along with prayer, is a powerful way God communicates with us. I came out with a goal for myself to turn to the Book of Mormon whenever I'm feeling down/sad/discouraged. It has brought a lot of peace to my life. 

Tuesday the highlight was probably Sita! Sita doesn't have a baptismal date anymore but it's okay! We just had a lesson about how the Book of Mormon blesses us! The spirit was so strong!! I will take a picture of Sita soon 

We had a sisters lunch with all our Zone this week. Jessica who has us over every week catered for us all. She is such an awesome person. We love Jess a lot. Not only because she makes us yummy food every week, but because she takes on a lot. She donates and gives a lot to this safety home for kids and moms who are living there temporarily. This week we got to help her a lot with that. She wanted us to be apart of it. We went to her bake sale, helped her get items at Walmart, and then made sure it was all good to go. She is a really selfless person and has the cutest children. She does not have an easy life, but gives everything that she has. 

Dinner appointment of the week: The Treu's 
4 kids. I'm in love with each of them. 
Weston's (5 yrs old) dimples and smile are to die for. 
The lesson was "Why is Jesus Christ important to you?" 
Weston: "He feels my ouchies"
"I feel him in my belly" ( the Holy Ghost ) 
Aubrey: His example
Kids are PRECIOUS and there is nothing better than simple and pure prayers and answers about what matters most.

We got Thai food with President, William, and his friend Matthew (friends with the Hanson's)!!! <3 my favorite food 

I had my first Skype lesson with sister gardner's old investigator, Jazmin! She is in North Carolina right now. It went really well and The Spirit was definitely there. The Lanier's were in South Carolina still this whole week so it felt different not going over there, but then we saw them Sunday. Their baptism is being moved back a week because most people will be gone that week in the ward. It will definitely be a big event. So many have been apart of their journey here. Miguel is baptizing his family and has been going out with the Elder's knocking doors. How cool would it be if he served a mission. I think he is definitely thinking about it. Miguel is VERY flirtatious, so yea.... I need to learn how to act when that happens. Some people here are just been very blunt & complimentary and I just smile! 

This new transfer will be AWESOME. We are going to work hard & hopefully see more little miracles. I hope summer is great and that everyone is having lots and lots of fun. 

Love you guys! 

Love, Sister Vassau 

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