August 12, 2015

Miracles and More Miracles

TWO month mark, Ah 

My companion hits her half way mark today. Ah

9 months!!!

How is everyone doing?? 

Great week. Here are the DETAILS. Mom I know you love details. Ily <3 Saturday night we went street contacting on Menerinick Lane and let me tell ya we met some very interesting people, many of them were the "usuals" we see all the time. Manerinick is right by us in White Plains and is filled with bars, pizza places, and bakeries. It's where most the people are! This night we tried to just talk to everyone because earlier was rejection.  We found many people to talk to.  You know how President Smith told us to find our Jesus...

Well, homeless Jeff on the guitar told us HE FOUND HIS JESUS!! He had sister Gardner take a turn and he invited her to be in his band..crazy Jeff.  A couple people just stopped us..homeless Stephanie stopped us and wanted a family home evening pamplet. She wanted to know where to get this specific one and also told us she was going to make us our own missionary rule book because she was worried about us...(missionary handbook?) but she was nice. Oh and Brandon. We see him every now and then. He told us "he's the brother of Jesus, Duke Almighty!! Then went off about Nazi Germany and told us listen! listen! you can hear him...???" Ohhh dear. What wonderful and unique individuals you find out and about while street contacting. 

Our friend Peter in our apartment said to us the other day, "Hey guys, you home for lunch? Don't eat too much it'll make you fat!" Wise words from Peter. He has asked us maybe 5 times this week if we shop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond because he has coupons. Haha.

Monday was incredible. One of the best days on the mission. One of those days that's just rewarding. I studied Joy that morning and it was JOY! Miracles all day. I guess that is just part of doing the Lord's work, but they were all so obvious.  

Miracle #1. The Elders gave us a referral for a girl they met named Alexis, only they put the wrong address.... Elders.... So we ended up taking a while to find this house, but we did and her sister, Ashley, was there instead. We showed her the "He Lives" video and she just smiled. She told us she really needed that. She said I think you were here today for me, not Alexis. How cool is that!? She has felt hopeless this week. She works from 6-12 so seeing her will be hard but we will try to find her at a good time again. 

Miracle #2.  As we tried to find a less active we ended up knocking doors the neighborhood down. I felt really good about this neighborhood and we were kind of just using up some time before a dinner appointment. After knocking our last door and not talking to anyone really we walked across the street to a man in his car that was starring at us. He asked us what this was all about and we told him our purpose. We played "Because of Him" and he liked it, but said he's Catholic. He said, "You're Mormon!" He said he would actually like to come check out our church, before we even invited him! We told him about the baptism Sunday and he is going to try to bring his family!! 

Miracle #3. At our dinner appointment. 8:00PM hit and we thought we should probably go before we had to call it a night because we remembered Courtney! Courtney lives in the projects. If we hadn't left at that specific time we wouldn't have met miracle tres. We went to Courtney's and she wasn't there so another girl Geralda popped in our head. We walked to the other project building and a girl held the elevator for us. We asked her if she was having a good day and she said, "no!" no... What? We told her we have an uplifting video for her (yes we use these videos all the time. They are powerful) and she said yes that is what she needs. She said how crazy it was that she met us because she has had the worst day. No hope, she could barely get out of bed his morning and she feels like she just can't do it anymore. She is NINETEEN!! We gave her a hug and told her of God's love. She thanked us for the Book of Mormon and then we met with her yesterday and she already read the intro and thought a lot about it. Jamila is such a sweetheart. Who knows what would have happened if we weren't there, if we didn't open our mouths in the elevator, and if Courtney was there. That was a learning experience for me because sometimes I just don't open my mouth. The Lord sent us to those people because this is HIS work. He knows his children. He is preparing hearts. How rewarding is that for a Monday!?

I feel very grateful the Lord trusts me in this area, especially with the Lanier family. They have become near and dear to my heart as I have gotten to know them more. Rebecca gives the best hugs, Jeff tells us to stop wearing make-up and tells us we are his sisters/ trainers and calls us "his teachers." Haha they are so easy to love, but I definitely can see why when you get to love someone, your desires for them to have the gospel changes. I am so excited for their baptism. At first I thought it was awesome, but I'm really feeling the joy that baptism and missionary work is as I am learning the importance of loving those you teach. They are so ready. They may have investigated the church for over a year, but this really is the Lord's timing for them, because now their hearts are firm and they are actually excited about the decision. As their faith has grown, fear has been replaced with excitement. And then I've just been thinking, "WHY ME!?"  Why does the Lord trust me to help them right before and why do I get to be a part of this joy and excitement? He is wanting me to feel that slice of joy that can come to a family as they turn their lives over to Heavenly Father. Wowza. I am blessed! Sunday will be a happy day for them, as well as me. 

Quote about Patience I love.. (still praying for patience over here!!) 
If you pray, if you talk to God, and if you plead for the help you need, and if you thank him not only for help but for the patience and gentleness that come from not receiving all you desire right away or perhaps ever, then I promise you that you will draw closer to him.”

Some times I feel like this is the story of my life. Wondering when will I be done with this challenge, when will HE let me get a break, when will I feel comfortable in all I do.. Maybe never??? UGH. Well I do know that challengs of life bring us to our knees and bring us closer to our Heavenly Father. That is something I KNOW because I have experienced it mucho mucho. Hahaha Working on my Spanish still. Thank goodness I am not a Spanish sister. Tender mercy. Still working on Somos misioneras de las Iglesias de Jesus Christo de los santos de los ultimos dias.. Hahahah struggles 

Well, that's about all.

Enjoy the last few weeks of sweet summer!

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