August 26, 2015

Spread Goodness People!

This week I was stretched a lot. I am grateful for weeks like that, you rely so much more on the Lord for help. They turn out being some of the best weeks! 

I had my first Zone conference on Thursday and I was spiritually filled. That meeting had some of the most powerful meetings I've been to. So last week President sent out an email to all to start doing some things to prepare. He wanted us to prepare a talk, our zone topic was.. How does the Book of Mormon help you to know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World? We also were told to invite a member to share a message or their testimony through social media to someone they thought of while they heard our message. Well I didn't think too much about the talk, but it really made me reflect on my conversion to the Book of Mormon. First up to speak in Zone Conference was Sister Vassau along with six others. Haha, sometimes I can sense these things, but this time I didn't. Well the Spirit helped me and I really am grateful I got the chance to bear my testimony that just as I know Christ lives & sacrificed for us, the Book of Mormon is true and all things in it point to him. I had many people say really nice things to me. I don't exactly remember everything that was said at this meeting, but I do remember the feelings I had. I was PUMPED. Ha, I just felt like THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE WORLD! I want to go share it with all of NY and I need to use it more. Have it always with me. It's the sickle. We did some role plays and the New York 2 minute conversation. I know if you take just 5 minutes every day reading it you will resist temptation, be happier, find strength, perspective, and your testimony of Jesus Christ will grow.  It's the best.  It's the place to find peace. You really do have to ask yourself if you are having your own experiences with that book. 

President Smith is incredible. He has an amazing way with the spirit and goes on and on about such inspired things. He talked a lot about "Our Vision." If we don't have a vision for our lives we won't end up reaching our potential. "I choose to bring myself closer to that goal or away, that choice is mine." Our vision for using Facebook is to help people "Come unto Christ" in our specific areas. Social media is my favorite. I'm guilty. I'm really excited to get it, just because I've always felt you can make such an impact on people with using it for good. "Flood the world with Goodness." That is really the reason missionaries have it. It was so cool because when President was called to the New York New York North mission he was told he was called here for many reasons. He is young and he gets technology. He does have a Twitter and he does use hashtags. Haha, well we talked about how Facebook has these gated communities that not everyone can get into, that is why members are so key. We are making a focus on member missionary work. 

The Lanier's got confirmed on Sunday and also were given the Priesthood! They are going to the temple for baptisms next week and we get to go with them!! That will be two times going to the temple this cycle. Yayy. We were asked to teach in Relief Society too. First official time teaching so I was a little nervous. Not much time to prepare, but it went GREAT!! It was on the talk "Returning to Faith." We really allowed the spirit to be there. The talk is all about focusing on what you do know, the gospel is simple and Heavenly Father will never leave us alone if we have questions. Later that day we went with the Lanier's to a member's home that  live in this little cute cottage. I love the style of it and the cute graphics. Brother Palmer and Stratford are graphic designers that work in the city for the company Case. They do a lot with Mormon videos and things for the church. They say a lot of Mormons actually work and intern there. That could be me!! Oh and Brother Simmons! He has been to our house in Carlsbad to watch a UFC game! Connections!! We taught the Restoration and there was quite the big audience. I'm grateful the spirit was there, because when the spirit is there I feel successful and happy. Happy happy day. 

I had a split with Sister Ralston, a new missionary. We found this girl that has so many challenges, more than I can fathom. I just felt much love for this 14 year old that has gone through things no 14 year old should go through. Wow. She wants to change her ways so bad, but needs help. She was introduced to drugs at a young age. I love her and want to help her change her heart so badly. She was our miracle this day! I am so anxious to go back. 

It's amazing out here the things you can accomplish as you give it all to Him. It is better to grow, than to not be progressing and becoming closer to Heavenly Father anyways! 

I love you guys. I am happy everyone is officially starting up school. Hearing all the updates make me laugh and smile. Doin great things out there in SLC. I have been praying for you all. I went to the Manhattan temple today!!! I love the city. AH it's amazing. Have fun this week & work hard in school. I am so grateful for my family. You guys are all the best examples to me. 

LOVE, Sister Vassau

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