September 2, 2015

Cake Confusion and China Town

Well well well.. Guess what happened this week? 
Back to last week, it was late and we said a prayer in this project building about where to go. A little while later in the elevator (miracles happen in elevators) we met Luis. We went in his grandmother's apartmentt, thinking she was home and then rushed out after we found out she was not. Luis lives out of our area so we gave the zone leaders this man's address. They have met with him a couple times, he came to church, and he wants to get baptized!! How awesome it that? 

We had an APF, area proselyting focus, in White Plains this past weekend. We had some creative ways of showing that the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul. Sister Gardner and I worked on the corner, held up signs, and handed out lifesaver mints. We didn't see too much success, but handed out a good amount of BOM's and threw some in these 2 boys cars. Success

We went on another nature walk with the Lanier's!! It was this beautiful countryside, which then led to this forest. New York is just filled with trees & bugs. At one point on our walk we just stopped and imagined Joseph Smith's first vision. The whole walk was so peaceful. We also ran into the same Asian lady we had met and talked to when we went the first time!!! She's been to Salt Lake. It was crazy in the fact that she doesn't go there often!! We shared another message. Rebecca is the one who remembered her face so she must be someone who needs the gospel! We also met Hillary's mom that night and turns out her uncle is Mormon. It seems like the people we have met recently have a connection or have been contacted by someone who Is LDS. Like they say, it usually takes people 7 contacts before they join the church. 

This is so funny. At least it was at the time. Friday's at the old folks center we get to see the sweetest people and everything is very organized. They can be pretty stubborn about their food sometimes. So Madonna insisted on giving us some of her birthday cake, which she wasn't suppose to. She left it on the table for us after we finished what we were doing..only an older man took the cake.. Madonna goes and hunts down the old man with our cake and she yells, "GIVE ME BACK MY CAKE!!!!" Really loud so everyone hears. Sister Gardner gave it back to him and then the person in charge says he can't have it and then things got heated. He wanted this cake so bad, but it got blown out of proportion. Hahaha I was dying. We ended up taking the cake home and gave it to Peder.

This quote helped me this week. 
" If you will be faithful, you have nothing to fear from the journey, The Lord will take care of his Saints." M. Russel Ballard 
          ALSO this scripture 
Alma 26:27 
That chapter is SO good, but this verse is also great! I come back to it again and again What scripture helped you this week?? 

I had a split with Sasster Checketts this week. She is so awesome. We had some good laughs. Love her. We met this lady named Betsy who is a doll. She teared up talking about the people in her life and things she is going through. Her husband is diagnosed with cancer. She says we can come by any time and talk to her!! She will prepare tea for us, maybe even a pizza and we can bring friends. HA! What a nice & humble lady. Then, her son came out! He has talked to missionaries before. He works for the government and went off about all sorts of interesting things. At first I was like. "Oh no... we are going to hear it." Wow! He is so intelligent and a loving dad and person, once we got to know him more. Super respectful, full of questions for us.. The gift of tongues is real people!!! We talked about the Restoration. He said it would take him 90 days to read the Book of Mormon. He wanted to read it and would research all about Joseph Smith. We just warned him about things he would find on the Internet and to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! He is going to so we'll see what happens. We also had a lesson over Skype. That was a new thing for me! It's so cool the ways we can share the gospel. ALL sorts of ways through technology. Getting creative and thinking out of the box is important as well & it's a lot of fun! 

I am working on just seeing people for who they really are, feeling their pains, and expressing love. I love the people of New York. I can't do it all sometimes. Sometimes teaching something can be challenging, but I can choose to have charity. It's a promise if you love the person, you will know what to say.  We read that out of faith, hope, and charity. Charity is the greatest. 1 Corinthians would have to be one of my favorite chapters. If we don't do things with charity, like serve a two year mission or 18 months, it won't do ourselves any good. We have to do all things with the right heart. Your heart's desires are so important! They are everything to God. All your good won't benefit you personally if you don't allow yourself to take on Christ's very nature. Here are some of my thoughts for the week. 

For P-day today we ended up in the China town church building singing songs with the cute Sisters for their visitors. We came at a good time because we ended up at Elder and Sister Goo's home afterwards. Fun fun adventures today. 

Everyone has to tell me their highs & lows from their first few weeks of school!! I'm expecting it. It's really hard for me to write back people individually so be patient with me!! 

Love you, 

Sister Vass-u 

(what my trainer thought my last name was before my arrival. Also, President Morgan thought and told Sister Gardner I was from Fresno California. It was all resolved quickly) hahaha 

Me with Sister Wang

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