July 29, 2015

We Met Beyonce'

I wish we met Beyonce', but we will prepare to tract her house shortly. Below is a picture in front of her house.  :)

This week was good. 2 cool things happened on Monday:

We went to find a media referral in this apartmentt building and the name on their number was wrong so I thought to press 312 instead of 321. Sister Gardner was ready to leave. We rang it and this boy comes out and tells us we have the wrong door. We introduced ourselves and talked to him for a while. We found out that his mom passed away and he doesn't have a religion he has followed. We shared a powerful message  that he would see his mom again and afterwards thought what a miracle that was. Next, that night we had a thought go visit this older woman that is ill, so ill she doesn't get up off her couch, but she didn't answer her door.  We decided to ring the door next to her and quickly found out she was a deaf woman. (Proud companion moment) Sister Gardner started signing to her with the little ASL she knows and I felt the spirit SO strong.  Sister Gardner started to cry and then there was a BIG smile on this girl's face. There is a way for missionaries to Skype and reach her so we hope that will happen. Lately, I have tried to recognize the people I meet and those right in front of me as people Heavenly Father has placed along my path. When I see everyone like that, I talk to everyone like I am sent for them. I just saw from this week that when we had plans to see people and they weren't there or just didn't answer that there was someone else right in front of us or the next door over instead that is perfect & is who we really needed to talk to. The Holy Ghost will give you little promptings for a reason so follow them and open your eyes to see who he leads you to. After thinking and praying about finding some families, which is always what this ward needs, we found 3 moms this week that all have 2 kids. Each of them were so sweet and we were so happy to have found them. 

I had another split this week with Sister Terry in my area and it was a really great day. She is so awesome. We had some really great things happen and worked hard. We got a few members to come with us and one lesson we about died of laughter because this older woman Elsie goes off topic a lot and things got interesting for a second..   Sister Gardner and I just talked about how much we missed each other the whole ride back from New Rochelle. She makes me laugh!

I got bit/attacked by a cat this week. I shouldn't have held it and I regret it (what was I thinking!!! I JUST wanted a picture), but I thought it would like meee!! I then had horrible allergies afterward. Something with cats this cycle. They are everywhere and turns out they are not my friend. We talked to this way cool girl that is practically a professional singer that has six of them. She told us to stay away from the stray ones because they carry diseases. Haha, well shoot! 

Thursday we went to go visit Joan. Joan only talks about politics and Glen Beck. She thinks Glen Beck is a prophet. She is always asking us about him. I still don't know who Glen Beck is?? Friday's we love going to Tuckahoe and serving the elderly. They are too cute. I serve coffee and tea... It's interesting. I just do what i'm told.  This one man each weeks says to me, "will you put your finger in it to sweeten it up for me?" then I blush. When I go over to their tables to collect their trays they make me feel so good about myself. Also, we see Madonna there every week who tells us the latest on One Direction and Gossip Girl. She thinks it's strange how we don't get weekends off. 

I gave a talk in sacrament this week on "opening our hearts to the Spirit" and D&C 8:2. They asked me Friday. I better get used to agreeing with a willing heart. I had many people say really sweet things so I feel like it went well. A quote I love by Elder Gerald N. Lund says--"God allows us to be the guardians, or the gatekeepers of our own hearts. We must, of our own free will, open our hearts to the Spirit, for He will not force Himself upon us." The conditions of our hearts has a lot to do with how we receive the Holy Ghost. A pure and humble heart is key. So I talked a lot on the heart and how it is a sensitive and tender thing that we should only allow in what we choose and that is the gift of free agency. Pride desensitizes our hearts to things of the spirit. You should all read "The Supernal Gift of Prayer" it is wonderful. PRAYER IS SO COOL guys!! 

We get to have casual and meaningful conversations with our Father in Heaven who loves us more than our own dad does. We can tell him personal things. We can make it short and sweet or go on and on and practically vent and he won't cut us off or stop us. HE DOES ANSWER PRAYERS. I know he does.

I know that our Heavenly Father knows us. I know that He knows McKell. I have felt it over and over again. I look back at the time before my mission and I see so clear now how much Satan was working on me and how much fear and doubt he wanted to put in my head. So silly. He is tricky. The Lord calls the weak and simple. Love is what qualifies you. I know that Jesus Christ suffered for us personally and that we can place our burdens on him. I am so grateful for the chance I have everyday to know Christ more through the hard & good things I am feeling and experiencing as a missionary. He is there. Just turn to him!! Love ya!

The struggles with TIWI are REAL! 

Friend of the Hansen family, small world! 

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