July 1, 2015

Welcome to New York, It's Been Waiting for ya...

I have arrived!! Those Taylor Swift lyrics were just ringin in my head all the way here. I'M SO HAPPY TO BE IN NEW YORK, the best mission inthe world!!! Landing here and driving around upstate just reassured me of that. I feel like I'm home!! It is so beautiful here, from what I've seen. It was so great to talk to a lot of you. Loved hearing your voices. We asked everyone in the Atlanta airport for a phone and finally a nice southern gal I asked let us use the store phone. I think she liked Mormons after that.

The Morgan's welcomed us here with open arms. They are incredible! Once we arrived we drove to the mission home in Scarsdale. The houses are dreamy!! Right next to the mission home there is a huge high school that looks like hogwarts and the church is right next to the mission house. Sister Morgan made us a delicious Thanksgiving mealthen we had a testimony meeting and each of us met with President Morgan to find out where we will be serving and our trainers!!

Guess where I will be serving first!! Right here in Scarsdale, Westchester!!! The best place to be, I've been told. Also, I will be in the Presidents ward and welcome the new missionaries. How awesome it that? In my interview President told me that the church and members here are amazing, some of the greatest people and that my companion is also incredible. Her name is Sister Gardner and she is so always happy. We went to two different transfer meetings, one in Olmstead and the otherin Yonkers. They have to do two different meetings for the people servin in the city and also upstate. It feels like two separate missions, which is way cool. Met so many new faces it was kind of overwhelming. Haha a couple things President said to me was that he was inspired when he decided our trainers. It is going to be so great! He also said something to me that I will keep reminding myself. "Don't worry about it, just work on it." Can we just all apply this to life? I know I will try to do that!!

Sorry this is short. We have been busy today. Sister Gardner and I are at the church then we're going to knock doors in the Projects. AH!! Trying to stay calm.

Love you all!

Love, Kell

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