June 19, 2015

Last Couple of Days in the MTC

This cute Sister was an Aggiette and is headed to DC South

Gospel + Packages + Happiness = Happy KELL

Our District

New York Sister Missionaries
The stay at the MTC has flown by!! So good! I'm so ready for New York. We got our Itinerary this week and we will be flying out Tuesday morning at 3am. That is too early, but I'm so excited to actually help people with all the things we've learned here. Let's just hope I can remember everything. Hopefully I get a good trainer once I get out there. NERVOUS KELL!

Okay, let me think about everything that happened this week. Sunday Sister Jones and I taught Relief Society about Repentance. It went pretty well. This week we teach on Baptism. Wish us luck. Each time we teach we will get more comfortable. I went to ward Choir and sat by Nat and Kenzie Morris:):) I was so happy sitting next to them in the Sunday Devotional. Seeing them just lifts me up.  

Our zone has had IPads about the whole time I've been here. So cool! We are some of the first missionaries they are training them on and research people are always coming in to ask us about how we like them and what we use them for. We are blessed. I don't see any other zone with them. I LOVE THEM!! Everything is in the gospel library and it's been nice to show videos in lessons and look up things because my memory at times struggles. The Spirit is so great at the MTC. Days are long. I've liked when I've been busy and am really enjoy learning in my classes. I have such great teachers, Sister Lyon and Sister Jenkins, whom I've met before through Natalie. My small district has become a lot closer. The Elders are funny and sometimes we all have a hard time focusing because they think they are pretty funny as well. Elder Morwood draws out  everything we talk about as stick figures on the board to keep things light and keep us laughing. Haha 

The food is okay here. It makes me feel a little gross. They have salads and healthy things always so that is nice. Great cookies though. Haha I get so confused with meals. Sometimes I think it's lunch when it's already dinner. Can't keep track of of time. 

We love walking out to the field to workout. Sometimes we run, but the highlight was playing kick ball with our zone. Sister Jones full on dove for the ball that Elder Hunt kicked, who I've actually hung out with before, friends with Robbie Hutchins. She caught it above her head then fell backwards. We all laughed so hard. It's wierd how much we love going outside the MTC gates. It's refreshing to see "normal people" again. 
I've been really focusing this week about being happy. This is cheesy but I made this LITTLE BOOK OF HAPPINESS/ MIRACLES this week. I've been writing in it simple things that happen throughout the day and little miracles I will see.... Like seeing Sister Jones run into her brother a couple times because he teaches German here. It made me think of Park. I love sibling love! You really start noticing those things when you are focusing on them and that Is what I've learned this week. I made this goal at the beginning of the week and I know it will help me stay positive in times of stress. "Smile, do your best" is what He asks. 

Mosiah 24:15-- And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord.

We watched the "Character of Christ" on Sunday and it's one of those talks that will change my mission if I listen and follow it. Bednar said that Christ turns out. The natural man focuses inward. "Stop focusing on me me me. Get out of the Cookie Monster mode. This mission is not about you. The work we do is a lot more about who we are and what we are than what we say." 

Tuesday night we had another devotional. David F. Evans came and talked about being astonishing. It's something I needed to hear because it was all about WORK & OBEDIENCE. The secret to missionary work is actually working. If we work we will have the spirit. The difference between an incredible mission and just a mission is work. He told about a story of a Elder serving in his mission who had mental health problems. He went from being very introverted to a leader and good missionary. He worked really hard and kept working on his own difficulties. He said he had such great success even with his hard challenges. "If I can't do anything else, I can work" This is all he asks. One last thing I loved after the meeting when we reflected on the meeting with President Lords. He said a quote that has stuck with me. 

"The day obedience became a quest instead of an irritation was the day I gained my power" 

Love that. He also told us to tell our families in our emails that "we are incredible" and that he doesn't say that with every group he gets. 

Yesterday we had In-field orientation where they layer a whole lot of things on us about the mission field, we did role plays, and learned how important it is to love people before teaching them. Really that's what it's all about, to teach people, not lessons. 

I love getting letters from you all. They really help me. I will try to write back, but it might be easier once I'm in NY.  Emails are great, but handwritten letters throughout the week are even better. I want to know about your lives and love all the updates on things. YOU ALL ARE THE BEST! 

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