June 13, 2015

Hello From the MTC

Hello Family and Loved Ones!

I hope I can collect my thoughts because the past two days have been crazy and long!!! Wow, they keep you busy here from the moment you wake up at 6:30 to lights out. I feel like once I'm actually in bed at night is when I can really think about everything going on. It's my favorite time to reflect on my relationship with my Savior and think about my favorite people back home. I'm tired by the end of the day, but my brain doesn't turn off so that's a problem. Ha!

The MTC is an incredible place. I would be lying if I said I'm not a little overwhelmed with just the two days I've been here with all the new things I am learning and the new way of life I have jumped into. I know the knowledge and skills will come, but the biggest thing I've realized is if you're doing your part, the spirit will be there in the moment you need it. 

Here is what my first day was like:

After being dropped off and saying that hard goodbye to the best people in the world, I was quickly taken inside to get my name tag with the special red dot and a bag of goodies. (favorite moment was putting on that name tag with Sister Vassau on my heart) It is a powerful thing looking down and seeing it.  I am a representative of Jesus Christ and what I do and say will be what He would expect of me. That is a lot of responsibility and I am thrilled!!

After that, I was taken to my classroom, and on the way, the first person I saw was SISTER BAUGH! Comforting! I Love her so much. Of course, she was happy like she always is. Then, I walked up the 5 flights of stairs into my classroom and met my district and companion. Mom, you would never believe who my cute companion is!!!!! Do you remember Hannah Jones (Sister Jones), my childhood bestie in Elementary? Yep. Her! Well I don't know how close we actually were, but I do remember playing with her lots. Park was also friends with her brother. WOW!! Crazy right? Actually... INSPIRED, I think. She moved after 4th grade and we haven't connected since. She is a sweet girl and we get along great. I'm in a pretty small district. The four girls that are also living in my residence are all going to NYNYN! So fun. We are all 19, from Utah, and they went to a year of school at BYU before. They are darling girls and it will be so

great having them as we fly out in a week and a half. I can hardly wait for that. The rest of the Elders are going to Chicago. It's a young group and I feel like we will all grow so much together.

I really feel like Heavenly Father's hand has been in my life here in the MTC. It is a place that is going to stretch me far out of my comfort zone, but that's the only way to grow right? This week 640 missionaries got here on Wednesday. We all met in a room and listened to the MTC Presidency speak and we sung "Called to Serve", which is powerful. This is a way bigger group than usual. I actually ended up sitting right behind my "twin", the girl in one of my classes at UVU that's going to Texas. It's so fun seeing so many familiar faces. I saw Elder Pierce the first day and went in for a hug...AH. That's a no no. I will figure it all out.

Last night we all got to meet our Zone leaders who are amazing. Elder Lords talked to us about KASH... Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habits. He wanted us to rate ourselves on each of these things. If we are working hard in all these areas then the Spirit will be there. Right now I feel I have a lot to learn and skills that are not yet there, however, I can choose to have a good attitude. I want to keep climbing while I'm out here and recommit myself each day. I've been thinking about something I read yesterday:

"The attitude you have toward your mission experience is a reflection of your love toward your Heavenly Father and his Son and your respect for the Priesthood."

I know this is going to be hard. There are moments when I am like, "Wow, I'm overwhelmed." but then I look around and see the other Sisters who are also imperfect and I look at my name tag and it motivates me to be a more outstanding person and I remember the Lord knows I can do it. He will help me in the time I am here to prepare me for New York. I know this because there are times in the day where I feel this is exactly where I'm supposed to be and He wants me to stretch like never before. These are the times that get me through. He has a plan and I have to give it all to him. Without him, I will fail at this work. 

I am happy. Don't worry about me. I wish I could write longer. I have so much more to tell you all. I feel like I have zero time at all to email so I will send letters to the rest of you with the time I have. I LOVE YOU ALL. 

Happy Birthday Cassidy!!!! I love you so much. You are such a special girl.

xoxo, Sister Vassau 

Sister Jones and I knew each other at Oakwood Elementary. She moved away
when we were in the 4th grade...REUNITED! 

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