October 7, 2015

Keep Shining that Bright Light Around!

Wow. What an incredible weekend filled with so many inspired topics. I loved this general conference! It was one I will never forget!! My first conference on my mission. My first conference watching it in a chapel with my cute companion. And my first time my eyes were glued to the screen. Oh and the first time I watched half the session on an iPad.. Haha I wish you could have seen us all (elders and sisters and a few others) all sitting with our eyes on the iPad. Thank goodness for iPads and thank goodness we got it figured out the second day. 

I am so grateful that God calls men in these days to do his work. WEAK and SIMPLE men. I loved hearing from the three new apostles, I loved their testimonies!!! How powerful was that!! I remember shaking Elder Rasband's hand this summer as I was leaving from the Yankees game. Loved the NYNYN shout out. (Side note, We are actually having Mervin B. Arnold come tomorrow for the day and we will all meet and hear from him and have some trainings.) Something I love about Thomas S Monson is he speaks with such a peace and calmness. Of course, because this is how the Holy Ghost works. It comes from within him. You know he is good and what comes from him is what God wants us to know. His simple topics of keeping the commandments and being a light to others through our example are what have made the biggest impression on me from conference. I just know he will keep pressing on, like we all should, even when he is getting of age and getting tired. There is no time to slow down because the Lord is hastening His work!! I'm serious. I turned to Sister Eastman the first day and told her that all my questions were answered by things said and feelings I had. That is how the Lord works. As we prayerfully and sincerely go to our Heavenly Father with our hearts and most inner questions and desires, he will answer us through the promptings of the spirit and through those he has called. I try my best to be an answer to someone's prayer each day.  There are days you do feel like you are and then times you feel your not because no one will talk to you, but you just got to keep going. I know that I could have a huge impact on someone's day if I follow the spirit. "The spirit is what matters most!"

We were told to GIRD OUR LOINS. 
Hurricane Walken was heading our way!! We pulled out the tights and the boots and everything I love. We were given two bright green coats this winter to keep us warm. Elsie and Linda's basement is filled with fancy vintage clothing, they wouldn't let us leave without them. They're amazing!

Anyways, the hurricane never came, but more beautiful Fall weather did!!

PUMPKIN IN THE AIR. What more could you ask for?

This week we had some interesting things happen and some really great things as well!

I'll start with the interesting. We got yelled at while tracting. Wish we could have talked to her! 
We say a prayer before going into our appointment with Shwazia  and we prayed for safety.. Not quiet sure why? I'm stoked for this lesson! But, we quickly found out. Her dad and cousin answered the door, which was great! They let us in and it was interesting from there on. One of the first times on my mission that I have experienced people trying to prove everything about our religion wrong with the bible and bizarre things.  It was not the best feeling just sitting there. These are times I can learn a lot from. So they had us write down the list of questions and they want us to come back Sunday. We feel good about Shwazia, so we will have to prayerfully decide what to do and maybe go back a few times before teaching her. I know the The Book of Mormon is so good and true. 

Sadly, Hillary dropped us. Oooouch it hurt

Some of the great things!! There was a baptism for a little Barlow girl in our ward, where I met the grandparents who were in our ward in Carlsbad. Sweet people. 

Well Cotton ended up coming and we sat down with him this week and talked to him about it and he said being baptized is something he wants to prepare for. It's great:)

We have been encouraged to be ward builders and start with the Youth! We have decided to do youth lessons in our ward, so meet with the young woman individually, teach them, kind of like they are an investigator and help build their testimonies of the things they know. It also helps them know what missionary work is all about. I'm looking forward to it! We did our first lesson with Victoria and their nanny Sarah and it went well! She played her beautiful harp for us, as well. 

I took us to the wrong address. I put in the GPS Edgewood instead of Edgepark. Well of course you did Kell, because we needed to go here!!! We found the most perfect mom who just had a baby for the Hermana's. Heavenly Father's helpin' a girl out, even when I mess up, which is often.

We sat down with thee lovely Meava in the rehab center again before she leaves. She has been there for a couple weeks now recovering from her surgery and we have visited her often. We have built such a good friendship with her and she really loves when we come see her. Member referrals!! They are good. We have had some really great lessons with her. 

Heavenly Father helped us see so many great people this week, people I know we were suppose to see. One of them was this great man who as we left yelled out;

"Keep shining that bright light around" -Edwin from White Plains 

It really stuck with me. I know people notice our light from within, the Light of Christ cannot be hid from our faces. It's what draws others to us!! 

So family & friends, who I love so much. Keep shining that bright light around!!!!
You ALL have it. Don't hide it or let it dim. I love the words to center our lives in Christ, I know that is the most important thing to focus on day in and day out. I know our Savior loves us. 
He knows how to succor and help us as we turn to Him. 

I pray for you all
Love, Sister McKell Vassau

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