October 21, 2015

Happy Fall Days!

Dear family and friends, 

I would love to tell you everything about this week, but I really can't remember. This is where journaling comes in, but I'm not the best at that either. I try and then just think of Parker who wrote in his journal every single day on his mission and I feel horrible.. That's okay. I do try to write down one thing every day that I learned or that I saw God's hand in. God is so good and is ever so present in every little thing in our lives.

However, one skill I never thought I'd pick up on my mission, KNITTING!!
Sister Louis calls us and asks us if we will help her in her class knit with the kids because they want to do it so bad but they get so frustrated that they can't. So if 20 year olds can slowly learn how to knit, 7 year old can too... Right?? Still unsure about that. But hey ,we go knit with sister Louis and she teaches us. I love knitting!!!! In my mind I'm thinking why have I never done this before? Love it! She has a cat named Joe Joe. The thing about NY is everyone has cats. They love them!?!? There was one street this week I counted 7 cats. I started sneezing badly in her house, but consoled her that I'm only a little allergic.. .False!

This might be the fastest 6 weeks that ever hit us. Sister Eastman and I have laughed too much and loved serving together here in Scarsdale. Serving along with her has been a joy. She is an outstanding person and is going to do great things. We're going to start a business or something. Haha I don't know how I'm going to let her leave my side!!!!!! FAMILY- please take time to meet her and be friends with her.. I'll hold you all to it!! Our families have so much in common. We have some exciting things this week happening, like the ward chili cook-off. We are dressing up as twins with our matching dresses that I'm pretty sure all sister missionaries have. We will take some good pictures for ya. The Elders and us made it a goal to split up the whole ward directory and call every person and try to schedule a time to bring them a short message and invite them to bring a friend to the Halloween party. Well, we did this and on our list we were able to visit two families... Yep two.. That's OKAY!!! We have an awesome Ward, they are just busy people. 

We met with the Garcia family twice who showed up to church. They were unable to come this week because of the flu... That was a little bit of a bummer. We love them!!!! Their kids are the best, sooooo cute. We might be handing them off to the Yonker sisters so we are still figuring that one out, but they love when we come. 

Another really cool that happened is a girl that the elders met at WestChester Community College has a baptism date.  Miracles do happen from planting seeds at colleges. 

Today I am in the city, because the departing missionaries are going to the temple so I am with Sister Atkinson! Also, we will receive transfer calls this week so that should be fun. 

I love you guys! I love God! 
I love your emails, letters, and love. Thank you!! 
I appreciate every single one of them. 

Love, Sister McKell Vassau 

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