October 12, 2016

I LOVE to See the Temple!

Good morning! 
I'm having such incredible experiences here! Open houses & open hearts, most definitely 💕 
The temple this week was wonderful. It was busy. There were about 5,000 people that came Saturday. I saw so many sweet members in the different wards I've served in. It's pretty fun to recognize so many people from all over New York and Connecticut, even Utah! Monday was a Jewish holiday so of course on the east coast school is out and so many families came! I am loving it and I have moments where I'm so grateful.  I love watching the families that are in our tents. I've felt that he does care for our individual families. He does want want us to be together forever, that is how he intended them to be.  
The questions people ask, have deepened my knowledge of the temple, Heavenly Father's plan and my feelings in the temple have increased my testimony and desire to be close to my Heavenly Father. 
He really has shown us HOW WE CAN. 
There is power to that primary song! 
Monday the Smith family came up to Hartford and took us all out to dinner. They were so happy!  We can tell they miss us and they expressed what a treat it was to be with us! Distance makes the heart grow founder! Ha! 
The experiences are priceless. There was a huge flow of older men and woman that come through yesterday. Their questions are so broad and it is hard to remember the conversations afterwards because I feel the spirit helps so much, it takes over at times! I feel it. I feel joy and love for these people. I had two women in particular, Paulette & Irlene, ask me all sorts of things. They absolutely loved the temple. They understood more and more and I was able to say the first vision.  They took 5 Book of Mormons! As I went to get them I felt to share testimony of the truth of that book. I invited them to do one thing! Be prayerful as they read the Book of Mormon to feel of the truth that is in it. I knew it would help them to feel the spirit in their lives. Irlene told me to come over once more as she was filling out her comment card and she put my name on it. Haha it was a wonderful experience! 
I love hearing the way everyone feels right after coming to us from the sealing room. This boy we asked said he felt all negativity left behind and felt so positive it inspired him to do art! That's so cool! The Spirit can inspire us to do good continually. Mosiah 5:2. I have to trust that Heavenly Father cares about all his children and will bring this experience back into their lives at some future time. I love the temple, it is such a Holy place. It is our Lord and our Saviors house. The nights we get to clean inside are special nights. 
I hope that I can always live in a way to invite that spirit of joy, love, peace, meekness into my life! 

I hope and pray each of you are doing so well. 

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