October 19, 2016

Fall in Connecticut

Hi from New England!

I am completely in love with the fall here. It's unbelievable. If you want to come to Connecticut, now is about the prime time!! I feel that it's such a special place. Sister busby, Sister Holt, and Sister Morley and I walked this trail this morning and it was so fun to be with them in this beautiful place we are called to serve!!

I will make this brief. I am loving my time here at the temple. I am amazed each day at the beauty of it and the excitement each person has to come and see it.

 I saw some of my favorite members this week. It was so great! I sat with the Lanier's in their tent. They look so happy and it is so neat to see their love grow of the temple. I also saw Jessica Vega who got her endowments. It's so cool to see people becoming and making important steps in their lives. We also sat down with Sheryl, Sister Orhn's friends she brought with her who we tracted into and she's ready to meet with us once we get back to New Canaan. She feels distant from God but said some prayers in the Celestial room she shared with us. She asked us, what more could I be doing? Great question Sheryl!! Looks like we'll have some work! Every night I am so exhausted and then we clean the temple and it's so peaceful.

I can't believe there are only 3 more days, it's gone by so quickly!

Can't wait to share my experiences with you.

Have an awesome week!

Sister Vassau

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