November 11, 2015

Spiritual Feast

I feel as if our area just exploded, there are so many families and people interested in the Gospel and we are just trying to keep up and plan well for them, because their Salvation is in our hands... No big deal. I'm serious. The blessings are pouring out to us. So we have the Gracia's who I will share more about, Karla Martinez and her family, Cotton, Lia, and a few more awesome people we have tracted and found. I literally have felt that this week we had so many experiences, meetings and trainings, that the spirit was so high we literally felt our bodies were exhausted. It's crazy how that happens because our spirits are even stronger than our physical bodies... Although my body is not so strong, anyways. This reminds me. I will start with funny because there are always funny times here, too.. This is New York City! We knocked about 2 doors later at night until this Biiiig man, I mean huge belly with no shirt on in his pj's yells at us on his porch, "Who are you? Go away! Leave!!" We didn't really even get to explain who we are, I don't think he would have cared anyway because it was dark and we were across the street, but the visual just made us laugh after the fact. The humor is sooo good sometimes. 

The Garcia's are a special family. They are the family who showed up at church, however they have been unable to come since. Coming into their home is one of my favorite things. It is humble. The walls with holes and drawings from the kids, small 2 bedroom home that they all six live in. One couch, so we sit on their baby chairs and the kids all just listen so intently. Annalie is the six year old, she's so beautiful. Coming into their home I just feel there doesn't need to be much to make a home of love and closeness. They each love each other. They showed us their pictures they have of Jesus Christ, but don't know much about Him. We were able to ask Priscilla what her relationship is with Christ and when she feels the closest to Him. We discovered that Priscilla not only went to church as a young woman, but was baptized. Her husband works now In New Jersey so is only here on the weekends. She is doing everything alone. She is sincere and wants to come to church, pray with her family, and read but it's so hard because she has to do it alone while her husband is away. Her son now has a baptismal date for December and is excited. We are still figuring out how we can teach the whole family. Keep them in your prayers

Sister Hislop and I were able to be at a training by President & Sister Smith with Elder Donaldson who was a mission President for the district. We sang for the elderly for Sister Friehofner, had stake conference and then zone conference yesterday. We have the most amazing leaders in this mission. We were even told by Elder Donaldson while he was here that he's been to many missions and the leaders in this mission are special, which was really cool. I was able to be taught many things multiple times, which is always how we should teach, in repetition because, boy, do I need it. A few things out of so many I wish I could share. Our mission is seriously going to double in numbers. We have a new standard of Excellence and it's amazing and motivating. We were able to see miracles just this week because of it and I can only imagine what it will be like in a few months!! 

The doctrine of Christ is what I hope will become written on my heart from here on out. 
It's what Christ taught and it must be lived!! It's so simple but it is everything. Everything!! 
(1 NEPHI 8) 

President talked about the iron rod, about his son William and how if William ever becomes tired of holding it...if he switches hands like he asked his dad he could do.. He will put his hand over Williams.... He will hold on to him... Wrap his arms around him and make sure he does not fall from it.... With tears in his eyes and a room FILLED with the spirit I thought of our Savior... When we fall and are barely holding on... Our Savior wraps us in his love.. He saves us... He will not let us fall if we but try to hold on.. I just felt President's overwhelming love for his son and thought of it in my life for those I love, who I will do anything for them not to fall, but most important our Savior's love for each of us, for the Atonement. We also were able to watch the new Christmas initiative we will be sharing with all of NY. It was actually my favorite one, you'll have to see why. I can't wait to share it with people! 

So much of our meetings were about Planning!! As a missionary you plan for everything and when we plan it should be a revelatory experience.  
Some of the things we here again and again are...IT'S NOT ABOUT US!!

"When we deal in specifics we rarely have failure,  when we deal in generality we rarely have success." Thomas S. Monson 

Today we are doing an apple theme Pday at the church with our Zone. Who knows what that means. It's the Big apple-- so apple cider, pie, apples to apples and more. 
I'll be 20 in 2 days.... I'm scared! 
20 year old advice for a girl on a mission anyone? 

I love you family, friends, anyone else who gets my emails. Love love love,
Sister McKell Vassau
Me and Sister Hisplop

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