November 4, 2016

A Sure Foundation

The beginning of the week we were just filled with service to do for people here in the area. We helped paint this huge mural at this homeless shelter for a member who needed help. We helped a less-active member move houses. We helped at Waveny for their Halloween parade and New Canaan had their Halloween trunk or treat and all the people we wanted to come, came! 

I have been doing so well and then one morning this week i just felt all these feelings and emotions about leaving my mission. I couldn't get through reading the short restoration in companionship study without tears. I have come to love these spiritual truths so much!!! 
I won't share them or study them as a missionary forever but I promise to teach them to my kids someday! 

I finished the Book of Mormon the other day. I ended Moroni, prayed about what I read and didn't feel an outpouring of the spirit. The next day I went back and read the introduction page of the Book of Mormon. I was then filled with the spirit and Remembered what love I have for it. It really was written, not translated by Joseph smith. I love it for teaching me true doctrine and giving me feelings of peace, joy, and understanding . I encourage you to go back and read that first page. It is the rock we can build our lives upon, a sure foundation. It is such a model to us for a happy life. It testifies of our Savior, who I know more and love! 

One experience this week specifically I am still thinking of. Seeing people touched by the spirit and come unto Christ every day is what I will miss. Sister Busby and I have received some names of former investigators elders have seen in the past. We don't have many names so we have been doing other ways of finding and strengthening the less-actives and members. A woman by the name of Peggy is who we decided to look up when we did. The homes in New-Canaan will have anyone a little intimidated to go knock, they are just so enormous, so beautiful. I have developed more a spirit of faith lately. Peggy came outside once we met her and she told us she would watch a video about Jesus Christ if it was short. She stopped being religious after her brother passed away. Through the whole video Peggy just cried. It was a changing moment for her and she really felt the love of her Heavenly Father. She told us she didn't know why she was crying, she opened up about struggles in her past, and said, "I think I need to go to your church."
We testified of our Savior and second chances. Before leaving Peggy said, ya I think I really need to be there Sunday. She was so sweet to us and we completely saw her come unto Christ. I will forever be grateful for these times seeing the Lord's hand in others lives completely. I love this work, I change each time I exercise a little more faith. That's the goodness of the gospel, it is all about changing!

I invite you to increase your faith through prayer, reading the scriptures, and following the guidance of the spirit this week! 
Alma 37:6-7 
Thank you for each of your support, love, and sacrifices for me!!! 

I love you, Sister Vassau 


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